I rarely worry about what society thinks of my actions, and choices these days. After all, it’s not society that has to live with the consequences. I do. For many years, we as a people are taught to fear a higher being, that he/she would demand some kind of repentance or would guarantee us a … More Reviews

Where is my mind

Twenty some years ago, I never thought,I never thought how much I would forget. I am positive there are others like me.’tis sad when so much negative situations, become reasons why so much became forgotten. Not like the kind of forgetting, where one forgets,forgets where their keys are. But the kind of forgetsthat become blockages, … More Where is my mind

My Yuletide

It’s been a crazy year. Good, bad, repeat, crazy up and down. I sigh a lot. I listen to the spirits that move around me while I am waiting for children to come so I can cross them to school. It is a joy to be there for them, even in such a small capacity. … More My Yuletide

Loving my darkness

Sitting in the dark I find some amount of solace. I feel the coolness of the air in the basement surround my socked feet and relish in it’s comfort and presence. Sometimes alone time is necessary. Sometimes I require sitting in darkness with my darkness and to allow myself to meld with it. Not as … More Loving my darkness