Trying to understand our inner being

flower shaped heart


For a person to change and grow as one with the Universe and the entirety of life, they can’t expect to develop if they are hiding from experiencing certain life situations.

One grows when they courageously face all situations with an openness that welcomes worldly life from a virtuous stance.

Learning to work through and solve life’s intricacies through the cultivation of their own unfolding of natural, innate truth, encourages clarity of vision and Universal insight.

Living a whole and complete life, one that is imbued with the subtleness of the essence of the Universe expands our development and growth exponentially…to the point of achieving immortality.

Yet, if for some reason our energy is mixed and clouded, we demonstrate imbalance in our behaviour and actions.

To contradict the law of our existence, only aids to weaken the integrity of our being. What we end up with is not immortality, but a disillusioned concept of self.


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