What Musings of the Heart is

Musings of the Heart, is me allowing the Spirits of the Universe to move through me and work through me in the form of subtle energy. I am prompted to type and what I write has no bearings on anything I have studied… words come and I share.

I am a channel and these writings are sort of like channeling, but not from a specific deity. I simply allow the spirits to flow through me as I am an open vessel. Sometimes the wind speaks to me, sometimes it is the night sky, or even a spider. I empty myself, completely in order to bring myself to perfect silence so I can listen to no other sound but of what the Universe has directed me to feel, to see, to absorb and to hear that has no audible words at the mundane level.

Even though I am witch, seer and tethatu shaman, none of these practices enter anything I write. They are merely just part of who I am. And who am I? I am a person, a female, a mother, a sister, a friend… I am all these, but I am also nothing and I know nothing because there is always something new to learn.

This intro might change as I get used to blogging. I have never really blogged before, other than on Spiritual Networks – http://spiritualnetworks.com/Julie/


heart in hands


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