Moving forward, positively thinking

floating leaf


The more we reach out to the people around us, the ones that are on society’s margins, the people that barely get a second look or consideration, the less alien they would feel and the more united and connected we would be. Their experiences would become our own, we would share in their suffering and heal together.


If you spend all your energy passing blame, you prevent yourself from moving forward and away from what is corrupting your thoughts.


It takes a brave heart, one that is filled deep with courage to not quit and to keep trying and to not turn away from hope.


To see the goodness in others, you must be able to see the goodness in yourself first. If you think you deserve only limited, negative things and ways, then you will see the same in others.


Life… a continual, never-ending learning experience


We are all here sharing an experience of being human, trying to interact, get a long and figure out who we are individually and as a whole. It is a lifelong learning experience, but when we recognize our own good we recognize the good other people come with, leaving judgements aside in favour of respect and compassion.


In the scheme of things, if it weren’t for the bad things I wouldn’t know all the good the Universe and Spirit had to offer or all the good I could be.


The bad makes us stronger and that strength feeds a hunger that gets used during challenging situations that test us and brings us to new opportunities to make new choices and to grow rich with wisdom and knowledge acquired by the experience.


I am grateful for every difficult situation I’ve ever faced and for every ache and pain my body has felt. Through them I’ve learned what it meant to be me and so much more.


Bad things can be good, especially if it helps you discover what makes you stronger and that the bad doesn’t prevent you from exploring the depths of who you are at any given moment.


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