Overcoming guilt to demonstrate our true goodness


Why is it, the feelings of guilt takes us like a storm that sweeps over us? Out of nowhere, guilt comes crashing in, often nearly blinding you with its heavy dense fog that drenches the goodness of our heart with its negative energy. What brings us to feelings of guilt is a pattern of thinking that has become cyclic and they are well aged. Those cyclic pattern of thoughts are not helpful to our growth or to our development as an individual of this great big world that we are so interconnected to.


Since feelings of guilt are not healthy for our well-being, isn’t now a great time to shut the door on them and say good-bye to those guilty feelings and put an end to those cyclic thoughts? We may have regret over something, but remembering that, that too is an emotion, but a neutral one. As long as we don’t give that emotion power and energy, by allowing it to pass on by, there will be no dysfunction to our confidence or self-esteem. The sooner we recognize guilt feelings are near, the sooner we are able to eradicate it from our thoughts.


Sometimes the Universe brings us certain experiences that are many-times-folded with purpose and meaning. How we react to them, how we respond to them by ourselves and in the company of others will say a lot about how in-control we are of the situation. We have the ability and potential of being role-models at nearly every corner of life when others are present. We are many-timed, given the opportunity to foster strong confidence, self-esteem and good feelings in others. It is our responsibility to demonstrate our goodness and our peace of mind, showing ourselves and others that we have no room for guilt and any feelings of regret do not get a promotion. We learn, we accept, we let go and we move on.


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