From an open mind


When we judge others, we are, in truth judging ourselves. Getting angry for what others are doing, instead of working on what we, ourselves ought to be doing takes us further away from demonstrating from our authentic self. Who are we to judge others for their beliefs and ways? We are not them and they are not us. If people wish to pray, meditate, reflect or contemplate in silence, then that is their way and choice. Taking action doesn’t have to be loud. Soft action is still action. Prayer, meditation, reflection and contemplation helps to cultivate inner peace which will in time enable us to bring that peace into our actions, words, intentions, feelings, and choices.


We cannot force change in others or force others to adopt different ways of being and doing. Judging people for having different ways helps no one, especially ourselves. The energy we use while being frustrated and demanding towards others for not following what we consider the right way, could be better spent bringing about the changes we wish to see by exploring ourselves, getting to know our own insecurities, inadequacies…getting to the root cause of why we are frustrated over another person’s way of life and way. We are not meant to be like one another, but to be unique.


We need to remember that everyone is trying to get through life the best way they can. Judging them will not encourage them to change. They must want to change, just like we cannot be forced to change; we must want to. What we can do is appreciate their ways of doing things regardless how effective or how passive their ways may be, and respect them for the person they are. They are just as important as we are, as you are, as I am. No one person’s way is the best way. We can all learn from one another when we stop judging each other and start embracing one another with an open and compassionate heart.


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