Embracing change



We have all dealt with challenges; the tumultuous ones, the ones that cause disharmony, ones that create negative habit forming ways; challenges that signify birth, change, death and transitions and transformations.  Learning how to effectively smooth out the bumps, hiccups and sudden twists and turns is vital to attaining and sustaining a joyful and peace-filled life.


It is important to recognize that within every challenge, there are positive aspects and negative aspects. There are not more positives than there are negative ones, we just tend to see as many negative components as possible which ends up making our challenging situation much worse. Our patience is tested as well as our ability to make wise choices. Many times our challenges encourage us to become clingy and attached emotionally to certain ways of being and living. This tendency comes from fear which stalls any kind of personal growth and/or development. The little self knows there is great changes approaching and instead of encouraging us to embrace the change with rejoice and gratitude, we bask ourselves in self-sabotaging self-talk which diminishes our problem solving abilities while promoting destructive emotions such as resentment and possessiveness.


When facing the difficult situations that come our way, we need to question ourselves. When we question ourselves, we are then making a plan and it is in the plan that will help us smooth our journey through our current difficulty or to crash our way through. Understanding is essential. It brings awareness and opens up our clouded perception so clarity can come in and confusion can go out. When we understand, we relax our fears and let go. We don’t have to crash through our challenges that can cause disarray in our relationships when we can, under our own positive self-empowerment, find a more smoother, effective and efficient way. By overcoming our challenges smoothly, with little to no irritation it brings us to a more peaceful end where we are still ourselves; we retained our personal power and whatever healing we need to do is not as agonizing as it could have been.


We have the ability and personal power to choose what is best for ourselves and those around us… always. We have the ability to choose our thoughts, feelings, intentions, words, actions and choices. What we have already persevered, what we have learned, what we have witnessed, has all assisted us to where we are today. Yes we could remain in the pain, and in what we don’t have, but we have gained so much more. By exploring and discovering ourselves, by understanding from a deeper level who we are, we will conclude we are strong, capable and enduring. We need to remind ourselves that when we are confident with who we are, have accepted all that we are and that we are complete and whole just as we are, then we can tackle anything knowing we will be okay.


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