Loving-Kindness begins with our Home-self



So often when we are experiencing some form of discomfort and pain we forget that such experiences are meant to remind us that there are people all around us, and across the world from us that are also suffering, tolerating pain and enduring discomfort. When we remind ourselves that we are not the only ones dealing with pain-filled circumstances and worrisome events, we are then awakening from our little-me-self and recognize the importance of practicing compassion towards oneself and towards others. When we are hurting, we really do not want to hurt others, and in truth, we really don’t want others to hurt like us. Sometimes we snap and growl when we hurt, but that is just our little-self crying for help in a negative way. Snapping at others serves no purpose other than wasting energy we could be using to heal ourselves and uplift the lives of others through the active demonstration of our own strength, courage and personal power in all we do the and in the best we can.


It is those precious, pain-filled moments that hold the most information leading us to bright, new transformations. Of course, many of us at the time do not realize this simply because we are too busy moaning and groaning and not seeing the beauty of the teaching that is there in each moment, regardless if that moment is filled with pain or with joy. Sometimes it takes an outrageous act from us to make us realize that we are not coming from the truest form of ourselves that we know of. Humiliation, embarrassment and other awkward moments can bring us to new thresholds of information and direction. It is during such moments when we come to humble grips about who we are and recognize some of our wrongs and begin to silently make amends and start on a new road, one filled with new hopes, ideas and confidence.


No one person knows everything. Even when we are knowledgeable; we really no nothing. If our parents or caregiver didn’t tell us our name repeatedly, we would not know our name. When we embrace every moment from the stand point of everything being fresh and brand new, we are like babes… what is around us, we are seeing for the first time. Such a way to embrace our journey is exhilarating and cleansing. The moment we attempt to justify our importance, we lose valuable self-esteem. It is important to understand the difference between arrogance and self-confidence, then to understand which is it we tend to exemplify the most. Reflection and retrospection offers us much insight to our weaknesses and strengths and the opportunity to turn egocentric ideals into wholesome ways of living and being.


It is very difficult to get through the day without people putting blame or giving credit to the weather in relation to how they feel, think, act and speak. If you take the weather element out of it, all that we are left with is our feelings. We can feel just as bright and cheerful when there is a downpour, snowstorm or gale-type winds. Every single day is a great day. Every single day, regardless of the weather is a new day, it is a day that offers us the same opportunities as yesterday. Our problems can weigh us down, they can permeate our good-naturedness and they can become a health concern, but only if we allow them. It is easier to remain feeling low than it is to mindfully search and discover how many positive influences, choices and unexpected directions we are offered. We cannot grow or change if we remain in the past or stuck in a future that is uncertain. By purposely remaining in the present, we see and experience life, all the HI’s and Low’s, while being in the here and now. Genuine love and compassion comes forth fluidly when we are present and we see today, no matter if the sky is blue or gray as being a great and wonderful day.


It is vital to always be truthful and honest with yourself, especially when it comes to loving and caring for yourself and for others. Our lessons don’t begin the moment we leave our home and enter our workplace or wherever our destination is that is not where we live. Learning how to love and how to care begins at home with ourselves, from the inside out… where we rest our head at night after a long day trying to be you/me. Without knowing how to love and care for ourselves, we are in truth, unable to understand how to love and care for others. Not everyone will have the same likes as we do, or find comfort and peace in the same ways, but they are a start… they are the olive branch that will unify us with others and help branch our understanding on what brings comfort to other people who have different beliefs and values from our own. The more we understand, the more mindful we try to become, the less likely we will assume or expect others to be. We need to stop being so judgemental towards ourselves, and start giving ourselves the love, care and attention we tend shower others with. Then we will see that we don’t need to shower others with so much of our energy and that we only need to share our authentic self in gentle loving, and caring ways…ways that are warm, inviting; ways that inspire peace and tranquility.


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