It’s only weather

Pluviophile - a lover of rain

Weather is just weather. It doesn’t really create our feelings. It is what it is. It is a force we have absolutely no control over and why would we want to. Imagine how many more natural catastrophes the world over would endure if we could. Seasons come and go and some linger and some don’t. This phenomenon also occurs with human relationships and with human growth and development.


If it is freezing rain, or if I am being hit by hail or cold winds or even if snow is falling heavy all around me, these happenings does not change how I feel or think about me, it has no impact on my choices other than what to wear; if my actions and words are derived from my little-self feelings, they are mere demonstrations of my less than authentic self, which is not how I usually greet my day, any day.


I see each day as a brand new day. If today is cloudy and filled with rain, it is still a new day, a day filled with new opportunities for growth and development. If today is cold, and windy, it is still a new day filled with new opportunities for growth and development. If today is unbearably hot, with no breeze, no precipitation, it is still a new day, one that is filled with fresh opportunities for growth and development.


Of course, our external comfort is effected by the weather, but our inner self shouldn’t be effected. If we find we are passing blame or giving credit to the weather for how we are feeling, then perhaps that is an indication there is something we have yet to come to grips with that we have been ignoring and just needed something to make excuses with.


I for one am glad it’s a little cooler, a little longer. For when the hot sticky heat comes, with no way to bring our home to cool comfort, I will be remembering and wishing for cooler days to come again. The kind of pain my body has to endure is not relieved by any form of the weather. So, I practice my breathing and release all and any discordant thoughts and energy so I may fill by entire being with the newness of the day in each breath.


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