I AM a Witch


I AM a Witch.

I AM not Wiccan, but I AM a witch.

I do spell-work, evocations and even invocations.

I work with my own grown herbs and work always with crystals and semi-precious stones.

I don’t believe in any one God or Goddess.

But I do understand our connectedness to the enormity of the Universe and of the nature that grows all around us.

I have no need for titles or any kind of fame and I do not require to go skyclad.

I honour daily the spirits that are alive in our nearest nature.

I believe in the Earthly Elements as well as the Element of Spirit.

I do not require a robe or any other attire other than what I AM already wearing.

The Gods and Goddesses are my equals, my partners, my teachers.
They often speak to me through vision, journey and telepathically.

We are united, one with all that is and all that ever was.

I do not follow any rede or law.

I follow the direction of my heart and I do what is necessary for that specific moment.

Gray and dark magic are not foes but friends.

I AM a witch and much more…. But most of all I AM the Me I AM supposed to be.


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