Achieving patience through the healing acts of letting go

amazing tree

When we are angry, we are impatient and quick to become defensive and offended. Yet, the moment we take a breath and refrain from responding with hostility, we allow patience to filter in. The more patient we become, the more we are able to counter the effects and harm anger creates within ourselves. By taking the time needed to understand that in every negative thought and feeling, there is also something opposite for us to embrace. Through the practice of perseverance we are able to oppose lethargy; whereas in our practice of gratitude and appreciation we overcome feelings of jealousy.


Any negative state of mind is an unwholesome state of mind. Negative feelings, thoughts and emotions don’t just appear out of nothing, they come because we have permitted them to develop, but we don’t have to give them room to grow. To create newer, fresher states of mind and being, we must learn the power of restraint and to allow those destructive emotions to just pass on by, and choose peaceful, happy thought forms instead.


It is quite obvious that most people want to see less suffering and more happiness among all peoples of the world. We may not always be able to directly help others who are living in miserable states or who are suffering from one malady to another, but we can help by cultivating more self-awareness and self-compassion. The more kindness we give ourselves, the more kindness we can give to others—such a kindness fosters unconditional love… so, when we give anything of ourselves, we give without ever wanting a reward in return. We don’t need to hear ‘thank you’ to know our loving action has been accepted and appreciated. The only thing that needs to hear these words is our little, egoic self. Just the act of giving is enough. If we only give to hope that someday people will know of us, then the actions we employed were selfish, even if those actions wore the appearance of kindness. When we give selflessly, we have no expectations for anything in return. We understand why we give. We are patient with our giving and we build bridges through giving and it is the bridge building that is needed for humanity to become more united.


With each new day we greet, we are given the opportunity to overcome the fears of yesterday and to let go any emotion or feeling we have been carrying in regards to a certain situation we have found ourselves in. Within every raindrop, every blade of grass; within every ray of sunshine, within every chirp from a bird is an energy that is vibrant and fresh. We are vibrant and fresh each new day as well. By choosing to focus on the present instead of being locked in some already happened event or stuck in a future that is uncertain, we can then relax and allow peace and calm to enter our mind and body. When our mind and body is relaxed, then our awareness expands so we are then, once again able to feel the wondrous spirit of the Universe flowing in its never-ending way all around us. When we are in such a state, we are patient, loving and kind naturally and it is here that our authentic self is able to shine through in acts of loving-kindness.


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