… with the gentleness of solitude…

solitude in nature

Even though today is a new day, we are unable to know what will exactly happen next. We do not know what will go on around us in all the hours of the day. We do not know how we will feel during each hour of the day either. What we do know is what is occurring in the present moment, the moment of now. Even when we are busy preparing for our day, we can do so with calm and an uncluttered awareness of ourselves and the world around us. Just because we are busy doesn’t mean we cannot embrace each moment of our day with the gentleness of solitude and peace from the inside out.


Most people are only present when they are sitting in front of a screen, and even then they are partially present. They are still thinking of a thousand and one things while trying to focus on what is happening in front of them, or what is needed from them. Being present is something we can all achieve regardless what it is we are doing. It might mean we will have to slow down a little, but then we can give more of ourselves in every situation, making the most of our present, now moment. May your present moment be filled with the peacefulness and gentleness of solitude so genuine happiness will be your companion.


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