Exercising Whole-Mindedness

water flow

Maintaining a cloudless empty mind promotes positive, creative thinking. It is understood that achieving an empty mind constantly is a challenge. Emptying our mind ought to be done often in order to reduce any form of confusion, disorganization and differences from occurring.


Cleansing our mind is like filling a large tub used for bathing and scrubbing away all the discord, disharmony and any residual darkness that we allowed to permeate there. The dirty water from the cleansing of our mind gets thrown out and what remains is a mind that is fresh and new like that of a baby.


Becoming whole in our mind has absolutely nothing to do with becoming stiff in our ways. If we become stiff in mind, we accompany inflexibility in our ways. When we are demonstrating suppleness we are showing we are in harmony and in the company of the brightness of life.


When we are exercising whole-mindedness we are allowing our mind to flow like water, smoothly and not bothered by mundane, pettiness. There is no special time required to practice becoming whole with our mind and self. Emptying our mind of all egoic clutter, expectations, attachments and assumptions is the divine practice of unassertiveness with our mental and emotional faculties in every aspect of our lives. We, then, understand at a profound level, what is truly essential and what is merely trivial.


By not reacting emotionally to worldly troubles we remove ourselves from the pain of disappointment that would have been developed out of attachment. Practicing simplicity as we exercise whole-mindedness, we gift ourselves with the ability to handle the troubles of daily living smoothly. Maintaining Oneness with the virtuous, subtle nature of the Universe gives meaning to all things.


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