Developing stronger ties

amazing ocean wave crashing on rocks


When we are able to connect with others with a level head, our ability to be genuinely kind will encompass all people, not just kindness directed at our spouse, cousin, or even towards a friend. Deepening our bond with others can easily be cultivated by simply recognizing that others, regardless if they are friend, relative, spouse, co-worker, customer, etc. all peoples want happiness more than they want pain. If we can find it in ourselves to connect with others right at the start on a deeper, more profound level, we will come to the conclusion that despite our outward appearances, we are very much the same… we want happiness without any pain.


By taking the time to reflect on what happiness consists of; fortitude, patience, love and tolerance which is what equanimity is and by demonstrating genuine equanimity we will reach an understanding that genuine compassion then means having genuine care and concern towards all others; this combination is both the source and substance of those qualities we say real happiness consists of. The more aware we are, then the more understanding we can be which brings us to being able to demonstrate more compassion towards ourselves and towards all people.


There are those that misunderstand when and where compassion can be applied. It is true, some people find compassion has no place for someone striving to fulfil a satisfying professional life.  Maintaining true compassion is relevant for all aspects of life. Where compassion is lacking, our actions and choices become possibly destructive. This only can happen when we choose to ignore the well-being of others when we are making a decision… a decision that has the power and ability to cause harm.


The moment we give in to the feeling of the emotion guilt causes is when our self-confidence plummets. The more we think about how a situation progressed and ended, the more the feeling of guilt rises, thus eroding all the good we worked so hard to develop. When we are filled to the brim with guilt we are unable to feel compassionate about anything or anyone, especially towards ourselves. We can turn these heavy guilty feelings around by telling Guilt that you don’t need it anymore. Be grateful for what it reminded you of so you can make better decisions next time. We need to forgive ourselves for our actions, choices and possibly for the words we may have said or written, then show Guilt the door and say good-bye. Imagine Guilt rolling out like a thunder cloud, slowly losing its strength and where it no longer reigns is rewarded by a beautiful rainbow.


The experiences we have had, are our teachers. It is vital to make use of the information each one came with constructively. When we are feeling joyful and strong we can send wishes of wellness to other people, even to strangers through our thoughts, feelings, actions, words, choices and intentions. And when we are feeling sad, ill, or if you are frustrated over something or someone, try to keep in mind that there are others out there feeling just like you, you might even know them. You can send out wishes of wellness to them as well. When you send well-wishes, you are sharing a subtle, yet virtuous part of yourself. Through the bright quality of your energy, even on days you may not feel so bright, you are demonstrating compassion…compassion towards yourself and towards others. By thinking of others even when we are working through a difficult situation, it is easy to be thankful for what we have and for what we have overcome. Being grateful should always come from the core of our being every single day, for every day is a new day to greet, to meet and to be merry.


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