Unconditional Genuine-ness and Kindness

tree in field of lavender


It is important to remember, while we are growing, and learning which direction is best for us at the time, that we shouldn’t rely on the many deities we have grown fond of like beggars who earnestly seek and grasp whatever is outside of ourselves, instead we ought to be relying on the divine treasure of our own virtuous nature that is inside of us.


When finally discover our own essential truth and intrinsic nature, any previous form of worship and/or prayer takes on a new light, as our Oneness with the Universe empowers us to further cultivate our wholeness that is interwoven with eternal life.


When we are motivated to correct our awareness, and recognize our integral relationship with the Universe, we then are able to melt away any lingering duality that may have caused chaos to our over-active mind.


The more profound our awareness becomes, the greater is our responsibility to help others attain the same by being the example of good virtue in action in all things.


As we continue to work and develop our whole self, our level of awareness also changes.


Attaining new, higher Realms of understanding, Consciousness and awareness requires no specific obscure method.


Furthermore, the moment we label any particular method as being the best one, it then becomes an obstacle to our actual effort to attaining and cultivating intrinsic awareness.


There is no one specific way for any of us to gain higher levels of awareness that brings forth a greater knowing of the Universal truth.


Labels and methods can seem to be uplifting, but it’s our individual, special attention that provides the best benefit.


It is unconditional genuine-ness and kindness that brings forth a fortuitous response from the elusive realm of cosmic, divine power.


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