Be True, As You

sunset ocean rocks Norway Rygge Ostfold Norway Rygge Scandinavia
Message from Eir, the Goddess and Healer of the Norse
Channeled by Julie Miller
April 30, 2016
So much time has been spent observing the busyness of the people of the world today, not just today as in the day, but today as in the era. It has been noted that people are busy with different kinds of busy: busy with work, busy with learning, busy with errands, busy following others’ ideals, busy ignoring or dismissing who you really are… so many different busying and sometimes; no, many times your different kinds of busy cross with other another kind of busy that causes you to choke; similar to how some weeds can choke out the growth potential of one of your beloved flowers. Yet, flowers are mere weeds that hold your focus to maintain their purity and beauty for as long as possible.
What has been observed is how much forgiving is going on. Yes, forgiveness is a powerful tool for removing you from the negative clutches of self-blame and guilt, and it helps restores your confidence and self-worth. Yet, some people have forgiven themselves for actions and choices that have not yet occurred. How can one truly forgive a future event without knowing what it is you are seeking forgiveness for? Even if you have the ability to foresee a possible future, does not mean it will come true exactly as you see it. Let it not be forgotten that it is your choices that brings you to certain situations and there is no way to predict how you and everything and everyone will be at any given time.
The healing power of forgiveness is best used for present conditions that require you to let go of what already has passed. Forgiveness opens the door to accountability. Sometimes, we may overlook the steps taken that has led us to an unsavory outcome. Choices impact our every move, it is just some are more immediately noticeable than others… and many times what is needed for clarity to make itself known is a break or crack that forces us to stop and see what is occurring. You know already many of life’s events are unstoppable. You can slow them down but eventually that season will come to an end. When seasons end with other people that is when forgiveness is most needed. When you recognize when it’s the right time to make use of the healing power of forgiveness, you’ve made some space in your busy life just for you, so you can heal. You are not forgiving an unknown, future event. You are telling yourself through your loving actions that it is time to let go of what has happened and to forgive any of your part and to forgive the other person or persons for their part without passing blame. For forgiveness to effectively work there must be no badgering or blaming of yourself, of him, of her, or of them. You simply forgive for the choices, actions and words that were used, but you don’t lose yourself by becoming overly sorry; to the point your authentic self is unrecognizable.
Many people of today are so busy with their lives that they barely know who they truly are until something forces them to stop and listen. You shouldn’t need something drastic to happen in order for you to know who you are and to make use of the healing power of forgiveness at least once per day… perhaps when you bump into someone as you rush past them, or become quickly frustrated for a line moving too slow, or when you judge someone simply by how they look. As you can see there are many instances in your everyday life that are there just for you to notice so you can make use of the healing attributes of forgiveness.
Forgiveness keeps you aware in the present moment. Yet if you become trapped in the cycle of saying sorry or always seeking forgiveness for everything, especially for things that were not of your doing, you will end up losing yourself in the negative, grasping little egoic self. Only seek forgiveness or be accountable for actions, words, and choices you have made or done… learn to recognize how certain situations came to be and then let go as you forgive. With every path that you cross there is much to learn and it is not just about learning about them, or the world around you, it is also learning about you. It may take you longer than a minute or two to realize what the lesson was or is, but the more aware you become, the more you will recognize how you fit in that moment and it isn’t as negative as you may think.
When you cross paths with others, many new opportunities become available and they are all to help you understand, accept and to be who you really are instead of what you are pretending to be. Don’t let a situation rob you of your beautiful, dynamic spirit. When you forgive, keep it simple. The more elaborate you make it, the less real it is. When you forgive, you are letting go of a part of you that needed to go in order to make room for new directions to come forth. Even when you forgive yourself or someone else it is important to remain in the present for it is in the present moment you are most certain of. As for the future… it will come no matter what you do and bring what is meant. Don’t fret busy people of Earth on the unknown, welcome it with an open heart and take each new day, one breath and one step at a time.
Our time in this joining of energies has come to an end. Remember my name when you require my healing aide…
… I AM Eir, the Goddess and Healer of the Norse through my chosen vessel, Julie Miller
Have ‘Be True, As You’ be the title here today.
We are done child.
I am permitted to describe my vision of Eir.
Eir appeared me in a vision with blood on her arms and hands from the surgeries she recently performed. At first I was alarmed, but I was quickly put at ease by the gentleness of her demeanor and gaze. I watched her transform before me from the hard working, soiled healer that she is into a divine being garbed in green… various shades of new grass green and leaf green. Her hair colour reminded me of burnt orange… the colour of leaves that change colour in the Fall. Her gaze was direct, yet calming. She did nothing but share her presence with me in the tranquility of solitude.
I am ever most grateful to be her vessel this morning and I am glad she is there, helping to bring healing to us here in this realm and in the realm of spirit. Goddess Bless and thank you.

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