Now is where it’s at


We can say many pretty mantras, pray morning and night, but if our inner self is suffering due to a negative cloud hanging around too much, our well-intended efforts will be for naught. No matter how much protection we raise, or how many charms or talismans we use, they becomes irrelevant if our energy is negative, such as; being desperate, fearful or frustrated.


Negative energy attracts more negativity. The moment we attach emotionally to something or someone, is when negativity begins to build and we begin to expect something and through expectations and attachments we pave the road for our egoic self to assume one way or another, and many times nowhere near to the outcome of any situation.


Only we can correct how we perceive what is going on around us and what is going on within us and it begins by becoming aware of what we are feeling. When we are aware of what we are feeling, we can then explore where these feelings came from and finally understand why we feel desperate, why we are fearful or why we are clinging, grasping or frustrated. We need to remember that nothing is permanent. Everything has a season and a reason, and everything changes.


Before we take on any form of spiritual practice, it is important that we clear away the fears, expectations, doubts and anything else that may weaken our efforts. The last thing we want to do is attract negativity. If, for some reason those negative feelings barge into your thought-processing mind, let them pass. They do not have to stay for a long time. It is up to us to kick them out or let them stay. Those feelings and emotions that come from the ego do not represent our true self, but they do represent the ego. By turning our focus to our breathing when we are distracted by the clutter of thought that goes on in our mind, we give ourselves the gift or re-centering ourselves in the present. Becoming conscious of our inhale and our exhale reminds us that we are here in the now. When we are in the present, we are not caught up in whatever happened yesterday and we have no worries in a future that is not carved in stone. It is in the present moment that we are certain of. It is where we need to apply our focus that is infused with the balanced energies of male and female polarities.


No mantra, no prayer, no beads, stones or anything can erase our troubles away all by themselves. We are responsible for maintaining balance and knowing when we need to re-center and re-ground ourselves in the present. We need not to be afraid of letting go and not be afraid of the unknown. Embrace the unknown with appreciation while remaining firmly planted in the present. Whatever is unknown eventually becomes known simply because everything is impermanent.


By looking around us in the naturalness of the Universe it is easy to determine that no flower, tree or even bird worries about yesterday or tomorrow, their focus is in the moment… even if they are unaware of it…they just do what they need to for that time… no more, no less. They are the mightiest of teachers, the only thing is that we must slow down enough to fully understand their lesson and it applies to us.


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