Empowering ourselves through our thoughts


Being able to live each day without the constant habit of doubting ourselves, while also not thinking we are better or more knowing than other people is a healthy way to live our lives. It takes great discipline and the training of thoughts to attain such a way to live and be, and it is not impossible. Becoming more aware of others and by extending a helpful hand to those who are in need of genuine kindness will not only inspire confidence in them, but our selfless actions will empower ourselves to being more confident… a kind of confidence that is without guilt, a confidence that frees us from our doubting self. Every situation we meet doesn’t have to fill us up with guilty feelings or with self-sabotaging thoughts. It is our responsibility to see that even when we are riding through the newest turbulence that life blew at us, by choosing thoughts that empower and encourage us instead of thoughts that hurt and demean us, we can reach our goals successfully and with confident energy.



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