Living in the moment

stopping to smell the flowers

When someone dies, sometimes the people that are left here in the living forget that the loved one who has left has merely changed their garments and is on a whole new adventure, one that doesn’t include everyone else. It is our right to age, to live old and we know from pets that have died and from seeing the cycles of life and death in nature that nothing and no one lasts forever. But this does not mean when we die, that we are done. Some people may think that, but there are many other wonderful perspectives to consider when contemplating life and death. We can what if, speculate and wonder what our loved ones are doing, but in truth we really do not know, yet on the other hand we do know that anything they left behind in our physical world, they no longer require.


Every day could be our last day. We do not know exactly when our time will come to depart this world for the next. That is why it’s imperative to live each day in the moment, not caught up in the past that is gone, nor in the future that is not promised. Today, is a gift; treasure it by being in the now moment during each hour that we have.


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