Maintaining Life’s Balance

east coast of Vancouver Island

In the thrust of modernized productivity, we as people are forced on what seems to be a never-ending treadmill that constantly eats our energy for its fuel. So often we find ourselves lost, dazed and confused from our true self—from the self that connects us to the subtleness of the nature and Universe that never stops providing us with awe and beauty.


Trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle of our modern times can easily zap us of our precious energy and strength to the point we have no time to be mindful or aware… it is like we have become pre-programmed robots that are functioning but not seeing. We are not a discarded candy wrapper or a crumpled old leaf from last year’s Autumn that is merely blowing in the breeze.


We do have the ability to reconnect ourselves with the world around us, with the subtle virtue of the Universe and of the flourishing nature that never ceases to amaze those who are aware to see. The more we open our eyes to the wondrous world around us, the more connected we become with others and see and feel the need to extend a compassionate, supportive hand towards others regardless if they are friend or stranger.


Even when our own personal world seems dismal, we can turn that into something positive by changing how we think, for our thoughts are the key to the actions we apply in every instance life has in store for us. Don’t give up on yourself, meet yourself often in quiet contemplation and always see that everything holds something for us to learn that is not all about negativities. There is balance in life; therefore, it is up to us to discover it and maintain it.


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