Chin up Bright Flower


Chin up Bright Flower
Message from Sól, Germanic Goddess of the Sun
Received by Julie Miller
June 5, 2016

I am permitted to share part of the vison Sól shared with me…

… As soon as I closed my eyes I was seeing several horse; at least three perhaps four and they were galloping in a row. It was a lovely thing to see in light that was bright but not blinding bright, light that glowed in gold, yellow and white and below the horses was the green of the Earth. This vision came to me as I stood at my window that overlooks a busy corner where there are no horses for miles. I was swaying as if my body had become a pendulum—back and forth my body moved, eyes closed, watching these glorious horses gallop across the skies. What I witnessed next was the slashing of sharp teeth on a creature that was huge and had grayish brown fur, and it appeared that this frightening creature was chasing a sort of vehicle that seemed to be above the Earth that was being pulled by these galloping horses. I saw Great plumes of air swirling and moving and suddenly a slight chill was felt on my outer body from the wind this chase created. I was then told, “Rest now child, I will see you again before the sun is at high noon.” It is a small vision, but one that marks the beginning of Sól’s message.


It has been some time since I have spoken through this chosen vessel, but time really is irrelevant. To me, it was like yesterday since our last visit.

So much has occurred in such a short amount of time. Even as of yesterday many changes have already occurred in your everyday life. What is easily recognizable from us of the Astral World, is that many people only celebrate the big changes, the big differences, and the big of anything. I ask you, “What of the small things?” Do they merely get overlooked? Are you embarrassed if you have only brought about small changes? Everything you do that promotes a better, more balanced and authentic you, regardless of the size of effort, it needs to be celebrated. If another person scoffs you for your efforts, you need to remember that you are working on bettering you, not them. Not everyday will be the same. Instead of turning towards others for approval, learn to turn towards yourself and learn to trust what your inner self is trying to tell you or guide you towards.

You must be happy with what you are doing at the pace you are working. If you are unhappy with how things are progressing, you have the power to change what you don’t like. Lifting your chin and tilting your head towards the sun on the most challenging of days can be the hardest thing to do, but when you do, you take a deep cleansing breath and release as much of the toxic energy that you can and you will feel better and the more you rise above difficult situations and people, the more confident you will grow.

As you realize you are changing and growing, you become more aware of the sensations going on within you. You find that you are more grounded in mind, body, heart and spirt. This is good!

Appreciate with sincere gratitude towards ALL obstacles you have overcome and the lessons learned. They gave you knowledge and wisdom that was necessary. You can reflect on events that occurred as early as yesterday, last week, last month, last year… you get the idea and through your time spent in solitude reflecting on how much you have let go in order to grow, even if it was from yesterday’s events and interactions, you will be impressed by the amount of knowledge you have learned and how that knowledge is helping you understand yourself and others.

Accepting change and working through change and all the challenges that come with changing is no small matter. Therefore; every step you take, even the small ones deserves recognition and should never be overlooked or taken for granted. Each step, regardless of its size is helping you reach the outcome you have envisioned on accomplishing. If some days are harder, don’t fret or fear you will never reach your goals. Take the time stamp off on when your goals ‘needs’ to be reached and you will reach them all exactly when you should, never a moment before.

Our message today is quickly coming to an end, but I will return for a future message.

I AM Sól, through Julie Miller


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