What makes me rant



According to the Free Dictionary (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/ranting), this is what rant means:



v. rant·ed, rant·ing, rants

1. To speak or write in an angry or emotionally charged manner; rave.
2. To express at length a complaint or negative opinion: “He could rant on the subject of physician-assisted illness”(Paul Theroux).

To utter or express by ranting: “Adams’s fellow Federalists ranted that he was mentally unfit to be president” (SusanDunn).

1. Angry, emotionally charged, or tediously negative speech or writing: a speech that was more rant than reason.
2. An example of such speech or writing: a rant against the university’s policies.
3. Chiefly BritishWild or uproarious merriment.
Nothing really makes me want to rant much except for squirrels. I do not like them very much.
They are a nuisance to anyone who has ever tried to grow or maintain a garden. From their incessant digging, they leave unappealing holes wherever they go.
I have had several negative encounters with them.
One of them was about 20+ years ago in Toronto. I remember I was at Queens Park having a lunch picnic with my boyfriend at the time who was being treated for brain cancer, not that has anything to do with the squirrels. It was just he was given a permitted break off hospital grounds and it was not a pleasant one.
While we were eating one of the tarts his mother had made for us, I thought I would share some with the squirrel that nearest to our blanket. I only shared a piece of the crust and it was not a sugary crust, I remember it being very bland like some crusts can be when the filling is fruit. I don’t know how it happened, but suddenly I had a squirrel on my hand biting down into my fingers with the claws of his feet going into the rest of my hand. It was horrible and frightening. Somehow my boyfriend managed to get it to release me, but it never ran away, it actually looked like it was going to strike again, so we hastily packed our things and left while my hand was an awful mess of blood and skin.
I got my boyfriend back to the hospital and took myself to the nearest Emergency unit. Now that I remember it, I don’t think his hospital had an Emergency Dept., that is why I had to go to a different hospital after dropping him off. The doctor at the emergency did not wrap my hand and nothing was done for me, not really. He sent me home with strict instructions that were very important. I was not allowed to wash my hand, clean my hand or even wrap my hand for the next three days. If after those days went by and no infection set in, then I could come back and get it properly stitched up. They were waiting for certain signs to emerge or not to emerge. I did not receive any rabbi shots. The palm of my hand for a year or so after showed marks where the squirrel’s feet dug into my hand and one of my fingers still has a deep scar where the squirrel tried to chew it off.
I am not a mean person to animals. I have always treated them with kindness, love and respect. This incident with the squirrel left me afraid of them for years every time one ran past me just so it could run up the next tree. I am no longer afraid, not really… it’s more like I do not trust them.
Most of my reasons to not like squirrels is for the damage they have done to my gardens over the years until recently, when I had two families of squirrels living in the walls of my bedroom. I had this going on for about six months. The situation is still not over because I still have duct-tapped walls in my bedroom closet and one under my bedroom window that has not yet been cleaned out of their filth and fixed.
I live in a housing project and they are the ones who put out the orders for maintenance and stuff and I have given permission for the pest people to come back and do this, but I have heard not a word from our local housing office or the pest people since last week.
My room smells everyday of squirrel pee and poop no matter how much Febreeze I use.
I don’t hate many things as I was taught to use other words than hate when I don’t like something, but I hate squirrels.
As for my garden, it is doing okay this year because I use many tactics against them. I use moth balls, a spicy combination of Crushed Cayenne Peppers and Ground Cayenne Peppers, and I save orange peels and freeze lemons then chop it all up in my blender and spread that just under the dirt/mulch. The orange may bring the ants, but they are not squirrels, and I use large, heavy rocks to surround  every new plant, even plants that are in containers have rocks. Most of the rocks, my daughter and I have painted so at least they are pretty.
Most of my rants will not be of angry things, but they might have a tad bit of emotional energy to them.

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