Judging and Assuming

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When people judge another person, they are also making assumptions that are not based on facts.


We try to assume another person’s actions, when in truth we do not know without investigating the reasons why someone may say or do something. All assumptions really do is make asses out the person making the assumption and out of the person who receives the assumption because they tend to feel emotionally hurt.


don't just assume


I would like to think that in our modern era that the need to assume and judge one another has become history, but it would seem this negative behaviour and way of being is still screaming in our face. We assume and judge the moment we step outdoors and observe the coming and going of other people. We see what they are wearing, doing; how they are behaving, if there is any handicap; if they are fat, skinny, ugly, pretty, etc.


I go out of my way to not judge anyone or anything. I don’t like being asked for my opinion, because that is an encouragement to be judgemental. For me to share an opinion, I want it to be fact based or something I know from actual experience. I do not feel it is right for me to judge or assume something about another person, unless I am able to understand their situation. And you know, the moment I know someone’s situation, I find I become empathetic towards their situation and have zero need to judge their choices.


Until someone has walked a mile in my shoes and has lived life as I do, they do not have the right to judge me too, but saying that, I know that people will continue judging and assuming until they are faced with a situation that bites them in the bum for assuming, judging and pointing fingers at someone else and the retaliate. I have learned this years ago while working at a night club in London, ON. I judged another girl and she heard about it and confronted me, angrily. I have never purposely judged another person since then and if I have assumed something unknowingly I apologize.


before you....


I find life for me is much better and more whole when there is no judging and more accepting of people for who they are and not what we imagine them to be. Everyone is on their own journey. They are simply trying to be all they can be. If they have to repeat certain challenges until they get the message and realize what needs to change before their path straightens, so be it. No one’s life is perfect. I don’t want a perfect life. My journey is unique and I want it to remain that way. I am whole and one with the world around me and welcome the unifying energies the Universe shares each and every day.



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