Living from Within the Now

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Living from Within the Now


Not next week, next month or next year; I live for the moment of now that is part of today; not yesterday or in the next moment or hour, but now. Now is what I am certain of. Now is where it is at and where it will ever be.


I know I must do things in the next hour and several hours, but I cannot predict what will happen until those moments arise, they are just there. I don’t put my energies into what could be in the coming week when I have not even gotten through today yet. The day has 24 hours in it and we only know for sure what is occurring in the current moment.


Since we do not know what the next moment has in store for us, be it in an hour or tomorrow, it is imperative to face each moment as it comes with an open heart and a readiness to take action if action is needed, but action that demonstrates our virtuous self that is one with our Great Universe. I live each day in gratitude, peace and love. There is no room in my heart, body, mind and soul for anything less. Bitterness does not reside in me. Instead, I thrive on what brings me genuine pleasure and joy. It is this that empowers me to live optimistically in all that I do.


I have overcome many difficulties that have affected my entire being. I have always brought myself back into balance and wholeness, thanks to the gods and goddesses who also walk beside me. I have allowed myself to be misled and I own all my errors, aches and pains. I do not cover them up, I do accept them as part of my many lessons that have helped to unfold the person I was meant to become, according to the plans of the great spirits that are always present. I do not just look to the light, I purposely seek the dark, because when both are in balance from accepting both sides, we come together as one… a person at peace with their whole selves, not just someone accepting bits and pieces. To only accept the pretty, and comely parts of our self, means we are rejecting ourselves and not permitting ourselves to become whole. We are then, less, not authentic.


I may not be financially rich, or in perfect health. I embrace my difficulties knowing that some will improve before others, and all are what I am meant to face, deal with, overcome and work with. Some may never go away, but what will remain is my purity of heart and from that my actions will always be good. Another person’s interpretations may not always be kind, but that is on them, not me. I cannot make someone else understand where I am coming from, if they are unable to slow down enough to listen or if their heart is closed and distrustful.


I am here. I am following the guidance of the spirits of the Universe each and every day to the best of my faculties. Sure it might be a little easier for me than others because I can telepathically communicate with them; I could easily ignore them, which is a choice. I have learned over the years how to discern which direction is coming from a light or dark spirit by how my body responds. It is in the now moment that my body will alert me of a message that is of ill-intended. The signals my inner person tells me of doesn’t use an agenda book or calendar to jot things down. My intuitiveness keeps me in the now moment. It is my choice to ignore or listen to what my intuition tells me. It has always been to my advantage to listen. Our solution will come when we are ready to accept all that has transpired, which will be in the now moment.


Living in the moment, with gratitude overflowing from my heart and soul, I face each day bravely and trust I will make the best possible choices for every situation that presents itself, regardless of its level of difficulty. I choose from within the now moment. I think little of the coming tomorrow if my day or week will be great, nice or good. The moment is now, in the day that is present.



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