Mastering chaos…

balloons in fantasy universe


To achieve mastery of the chaos that often enters our mind and causes tumultuous disorder and anguish, we need to refocus ourselves by becoming more disciplined and in control of our emotional reactions.


When we can address all situations with a calm mind, we are able to move forward regardless of what is occurring around us.


Bringing ourselves to a place of calm and peace


When we are able to bring ourselves to a calm place and be objective, then we can recognize the clarity in the discovery of the diversity of the Universe and within that diversity there is unity.


Just because a person is academically learned, is able to comprehend and embrace the unity of the Universe does mean they have arrived at such a unity through personal, spiritual purification and development.


If we fight and struggle to attain unity, know that our energy is lacking naturalness that is unequal to instantaneous experience of natural participation in unity.


In truth, we are unable to understand the unity of the Universe in common terminology such as: subject and object. When we are completely One with the Universe and it’s Cosmic Body, there is not one thing to determine as subject, object, diversity or unity…these are mere labels that the dualistic mind creates and this creation causes subtle separation.


Even though it may take a lifetime of practicing the Universal Way in order to achieve Oneness, realizing we have achieved it only an instant.


Being consistent in our daily practices of the Universal Way


Just because a person can talk and think about the intrinsic way of the Universe does not mean they have achieved access beyond the relative realm. To someone that is truly One with the Universe, talking and thinking being One is irrelevant and meaningless.


It’s important to comprehend the enormousness of the continual practice of the Universal Way has little to do with speaking wisely. With consistent and constant effort, exercising the Universal Way in all we do, we just might be able to align ourselves with it.


Without steady practice of the subtle nature of the Universal Way in all we do, we will never attain it. We need to let go of the concept that we are just one among many, and undo the mental and emotional clutter and allow ourselves to return to our natural, pure self.


It is essential for us to remember that all things inevitably return to their root source. This would indicate that there is no separation between what is to where we are from. We cannot know what the return to the source is unless we leave it.


Let us not fret over what the name of this source could be, or try imagining all its many forms. The truth of what it is will be shown to us naturally when the Universe tells us it’s now time to unite in complete Oneness and Infinite Harmony with the Universal Cosmic Body.


Learning to demonstrate our genuine self


Whenever we allow ourselves to be taken in by external pressure that alters our behaviour and moves us away from our true, virtuous nature, we are being less than genuine.


Only when we are demonstrating our true genuine self are we expressing our purest nature. When we are completely one with the Universe and one with our natural self we don’t deviate from our true, genuine nature.


By achieving true awareness of the Universal Truth, we are also able to understand every part of our lives. Being able to recognize the subtle constancy and natural flow that is occurring in our life happens when we realize the deep, profoundness of the subtle nature of the Universe.


And this realization does not require any prerequisite of any internal or external event; instead it’s a demonstration of our own immutable, divine nature. The true Way to achieve the Universal Way is by sustaining the intrinsic virtues and values of constancy, flow, and by maintaining simplicity in our daily lives.



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