June’s Full Moon, 2016

Full Moon and Solstice are on Monday, June 20th

Dear Friends,

Once every 30+ years, the Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) or Winter Solstice (Southern Hemisphere) and Full Moon fall on the same day. This is a rare and powerful event and should be well honored. The Full Moon is at 5:02 AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) and brightest the night of the 19th. The Solstice is at 4:34 PM MDT.

Take advantage of this powerful energy and celebrate something in your life that you have accomplished. It could be a completion, a decision, a project, a commitment, a new beginning or the achievement of some goal. This is also a social time for gatherings, community events and cooperative participation. Make sure that during this time you stay focused on the positive, on the doors that are opening, and on the potential, instead of dwelling on any fear, resistance, judgment or negativity.  What you put your energy and focus on will grow in this fertile time so make sure it is what you want. Allow yourself to be supported by your community and your friends and be willing to receive all the positive energy that is available to you at this time.

The Solstice is always a good time to honor the Sun and the life giving energy it makes available to us on this planet. Any ceremony honoring the sun or the spirit of fire is appropriate. Release something you are leaving behind. Welcome something in that is new, fertile and rich with possibilities. Happy Solstice!





Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Sagittarius Full Moon

Sun in Gemini ~ Moon in Sagittarius~ 29º32’

Monday, June 20, 5:02 AM Mountain Daylight Time

(June 20, 11:02 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

Cancer Solstice

Sun enters Cancer 0º June 20, 4:34 PM Mountain Time

Oh De-Light! Full Moon is paired within 12 hours with the powerful point of solstice boosting both their energies.  Wowser! That’s astrological gold!  We have the unusual situation of having the second Full Moon in Sagittarius in a row.  Last Full Moon in May was in the first degree of Sagittarius, and now we have Full Moon in the last degree of Sag.  Initiation and culmination are emphasized and magnified.  The last degree of any sign is a bridge to the new way of being, integrating and then releasing all that has gone before.  Here we have 29º+ of the Gemini Sun/Sagittarius Moon axis where we are compelled to look at how we think, communicate, and receive/perceive information (Gemini) contrasted with how we create our beliefs and guiding principles out of our understanding of the world around us, and out of these created beliefs come our structures for law, religion, education that Sagittarius rules.  The bow of the Centaur, Sagittarius’ symbol, sends our vision far out into the unknown and expands our horizons to new ideas, cultures and peoples where tolerance, knowledge and wisdom are developed.  The enthusiasm and inspiration of this fire sign is expressed here especially with expansive and philosophical Jupiter as ruler.  Sagittarius rules the hips and is how we move forward in our life’s aspirations.  With Saturn, Lord of Karma and Keeper of Time, also occupying Sagittarius for the next year or more, we also are seeing some of the dark places where Sagittarius is expressing in the negative pole with arrogant, dogmatic views making certain overwhelmed people commit self righteous and egregious acts as we saw in Orlando and drawing forth acts of prejudice-subtle and overt-into the collective scrutiny so we can see them more clearly in ourselves and root them out of our old thinking patterns.


This and more can be found here: https://www.thepowerpath.com/


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