Happiness without demands

magical pink flowers


When we are filled with unconditional, natural piety, genuine sincerity, true gentleness, as well as being naturally and genuinely supportive; these aspects of our virtue are Blessings. And when we are demonstrating our virtuous self through our actions, good outcomes are probable.


The more we come to realize that true happiness requires no demands and is without any need to complain, or need to intentionally disturb others; then we meet the genuine, long-lasting joy we were aiming to achieve. When our actions are purely virtuous of nature, in all instances, we are truly blessed and it is up to the one who has attained genuine virtue to protect them.


It is true, when we are truly one with the Universe, our attitude towards life is changed. The more we correct our wrongs, the more correct our awareness becomes. Every day of our lives, is our golden opportunity to live life virtuously no matter what problems arise.


Living purely from such a genuine place of being liberates us from any feelings of regret and uncertainty. Reaching total awareness of the intrinsic Oneness of the subtle energy of the Universe, allows us to illustrate how living a virtuous life positively influences others. Our completeness become a role model for others to emulate.



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