Choosing how to react…

Purple dream.jpg


No doubt, each of us experiences bad days from good days and have felt the turmoil of a good day going bad. There are days that we may feel like we are the dirt being walked upon and dug into by the smallest of creatures. It is important to remember that these low feelings do not describe your true, and genuine self. All these ill feelings are ego created and when we live in them, we are taken outside of our grasp of our authentic self. Just when you think you have a good hold on things, something comes a long and disrupts that peace and tranquility when we weren’t looking.


The more aware we become, the less such instances occur. But when they do happen, you are given more than one choice: You have the choice to give in to the explosive, destructive emotions, or you can let those angry emotions just float on by like the mere visitors that they are. By not reacting when things suddenly change, you are able to relax, see clearly and attract happiness. And as we are manoeuvring through the ups and downs of life and not reacting to our roller-coaster emotions, we are able to effectively help others unconditionally while maintaining Oneness with the subtle virtue of the Universe that is interconnected with our entire being.



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