Discovering fulfillment through self-compassion and self-love



How unfortunate it is for those people who consider the development of compassion only something to do for others but not themselves. To deprive oneself of compassion is to deny oneself of authenticity and love. When we treat ourselves with compassion, love and care, we, immediately create a well of ease and calm that reflects our own inner strength, self-confidence and genuine fulfillment. When compassion is shared with ourselves, others that we interact with will benefit from our calm and collected presence.


To develop compassion and love for ourselves, we first must be able to recognize our divergent aspects within our inner struggles. Whatever anger, frustration, bitterness, or any other destructive emotion that is allowed to eat at you, realize that the antidotes are the opposites of your negative thoughts and emotions. Learning how to counter those thoughts before they become destructive will cultivate essential understanding on how negative thoughts and emotions can be the stepping stones needed to strengthen our own uplifting thoughts and emotions. By taking slow, gradual steps towards self-love and self-compassion, we liberate ourselves more and more from the clutching force of anger, hatred and fear.


Our interactions with others doesn’t have to always be hostile or guarded when there are just as many peaceful resolutions to be found. Extending a gentle attitude with genuine kindness, and true acceptance towards all people will help reciprocate the same level of loving-kindness in return. It is necessary to keep in mind as often as possible, that yes, we too are going through struggles, pain and suffering, but then again, so are others. Some who have much worse concerns than our own. This does not mean that our own issues are of no importance, it just means we are all part of the same universe… we are just trying to get through each day the best we can in our given situation and with the means at hand.


We need to congratulate ourselves more often for our achievements regardless how big or small they are, or if anyone knows about them or cares to know. We know and it is we, our own selves that must walk our path of our journey. No one can walk it for us. They can advise us, help to guide us or offer sound bits of wisdom, but in the end, we make the final choice what it is we do, we own that choice and all that comes of it. As a result, entering each moment of the day, it is best to enter it in loving-kindness and compassion for ourselves than with disheartening negativity. In order to truly be kind and caring towards any other person, animal or anything, we first must give ourselves the same kind and loving considerations.



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