Always choices

Eastern Bluebirds by Lillian Stokes.


Sometimes it can be a challenge to share our story with others. Our story is unique and filled with so many ups and downs; twists and turns; highlight and lowlights. We have all suffered and dealt with pain, fear and turmoil. Our life is our own. We are responsible for all we do. Our choices are ours, no one else can honestly be blamed. We always have a choice regardless of the situation that presents itself. So, when it comes to sharing a piece of ourselves, sometimes we encounter uncertainty of not knowing how much we ought to share. After hearing about a friend’s or even a stranger’s dilemma, we may reach the conclusion that perhaps our problems are not so bad.


We are social creatures, we find comfort in the company of others, especially of people who are warm, giving, and accepting of who we are. It is these people that we can open up to if we want to or breathe a sigh of relief in comfortable silence.  These people come into our lives for many healing reasons and not necessarily for a lifetime. When are with people that benevolent in their nature, we sometimes cling to them like one does to a lifebuoy that has been thrown to us to save us. Every person we cross paths with all has something to teach us that is essential to our own path that helps to write more of our story. No one experience, interaction, event or anything else is ever a waste… all has meaning and purpose. Many times the lesson is multifaceted and later on in years, we may uncover something new to learn from a past event.


Appreciating those people we meet; this means the ones who compassionate and accepting, the people that are rude, and indifferent, and anyone else in between is an indication of positive growth and personal development. It is how we learn to let go of what is holding us back from taking on new, fresh directions. Our story is never-ending. It continues to surprise us and others. As we make our way through life, we pick up hints and ways to living our life better, by making new and different, yet exciting choices. It all boils down to choices. Always choices. Just like me writing this note, is a choice I consciously made and the next choice is sharing my musing thoughts under the watchful, and helpful guidance of the spirits of the Universe.



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