Bringing hope and compassion into our problems

silver lining fractal.jpg


When we cause a situation to become a problem, we cannot expect a tree, or our pet to provide the solution. We, ourselves much reach a conclusion and discover the steps that would free us from the problem. Of course the tree in its tall stature can teach us to still our minds and our pets can teach us to relax, but neither can make us think, act or speak. We are responsible for bringing hope and compassion into every situation so problems can be corrected as amiable as possible. Even the most serious of problems can create hope and compassion. The moment we lose faith and hope in ourselves and in our ability to overcome current circumstances is when every day challenges become monumental. We hurt ourselves and others around us when we cannot bring peace into every aspect of our lives. When we are not at peace during any situation, even the difficult ones, then we invite chaos to enter which will cause anger, frustration and fear to take over.


By reminding ourselves that in every situation there is a silver lining and this silver lining also resides in ourselves, we promote a caring concern for others that our troubling situation may include… it’s not just about us. When pain is emotional and mental, it rarely excludes others. Our fears, frustrations and angers have the ability to touch others, even people we do not know. This truth needs to become our motivation to become more compassionate, more caring, more hope-bringing and feeling and more at peace in all we do. It might mean our solution might take a little longer to reach, but we will reach it peacefully and without losing our dignity or self-respect. The development of care and compassion towards other people, instead of selfishly keeping it all to ourselves, we demonstrate the openness of our hearts and how willing we are to let people in. When we do this, what was once big becomes small.


The next time we meet up with someone, even if we’re just standing beside them waiting for the bus or in a line at the store, remember this person only wants happiness, just like you or me. They might want a whole bunch of other things, but it all describes happiness. No one wants to feel pain, they wish to be free of all pain. Wouldn’t it be nice to not get up out of a chair without knees or back hurting, or to be able to read or click on the computer without our hands, arms or neck hurting? To be pain free is a wonderful thing to strive for that will help forge genuine happiness, love and compassion for ourselves and for others.



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