The kind of pagan I am

2015-08-01 - Lammas 2
Part of my altar for Lugnasad  on August 1, 2015


I truly enjoy being the kind of pagan that I am. So many new witches and other pagan brothers and sisters all want information. Some, not all, have little regard or respect to another witch’s right to not disclose specific information. Any pagan practice requires a little secrecy unless you are in a coven, but even then some of what goes on within that coven stays with just those coven members.


I am not just a witch, I am a seer, a channel, an other-world traveler, one who converses with dragons and a goddess chosen shaman. I experienced my first vision with my eyes wide-open just over 40 years go, and I performed my first ritual over 35 years ago from a spell book my own mother bought for me. Back then there was no Internet and the information highway was found in isles of libraries where I borrowed books on the occult and supernatural. I did not study the white magic Wiccans practice, I did not study black magic, I practiced magic… this kind of magic is now considered to be gray magic. Everything nowadays has to be categorized and labelled, even people, their creed, practices, etc. Silly is what this era is when it comes to much of our spiritual beliefs and practices, but each to their own. The more we categorize and label, the more divided we become.


My spiritual journey has taken many twists and turns. Nothing of it was all fluffy and immature. It was always serious and with great meaning and purpose, even if I did not know of it at the time. From observing many novice walkers on the pagan trail, it is easy to see they want all the work given to them, without taking the time to learn on their own. I have little tolerance for fluffy-minded people. In addition I have also observed that they wonder why seasoned witches and other pagans are not so willing to share their secrets when this is supposed to be the information age. With all the information coming through endlessly and not necessarily from good-hearted people, it is easy to become lost and some of our fellow brothers and sisters have gotten burned along the way, teaching them to be less trusting. This is both a blessing and curse. It takes a lot of time in solitude learning to trust ourselves to open up to others we do not know and to share things we intuitively know we shouldn’t. This is when we need to listen to our intuition and come to some sort of compromise on how much to share and what to share and with whom we share. We need to listen to our inner voice, it is a voice of learned wisdom, but beside this voice is the voice of our ego that urges us to ignore our voice of caution. The ego is what stirs up our emotion and has us second guessing everything and urges us to throw caution into the wind. The ego needs to be put aside when magic is in the making. Our minds, heart, body and spirit needs to be as clear as possible so our results to come out murky and clouded.


I have learned from my interactions with people who were less than authentic, the importance of not sharing every detail and why. Our spells, our ceremonies and rituals lose power every time we talk about them. It is okay to talk about what we do and what we learned and who our patron god and goddess is; and it is okay to speak about our practices in general, but not always in great personal detail, unless you and this other person or people are together working on something. The practice of witchcraft, though old is always done quietly. Shouting out at the top of our lungs every detail will not help us in the realms of law of cause and effect.


In my practice I do not fear karma. But I am aware of the law of cause and effect in every single thing I do, say, think and choose. The magic I practiced when I was 11 years old is nowhere the magic I practice now. Our ways take time to develop and there is no real master of any craft because there is always something to learn and to improve upon. If I were a Wiccan I would be a high priestess, but in my tradition titles are unnecessary and mean nothing. I have been told during many telepathic conversations that I come from a long line of völva, which makes sense to all the visions and stuff I have been part of since a very young child. I have learned over the past few years that is a part of the Norse witch which is called Seidr. Both are different, but I feel sometimes a person can be both, depending on time and need and if they are even able. This is who I am and what I practice which is part of the Norse pagan tradition called Asatru.


My gods are not put on pedestals, but walk beside me as friends, as sisters, brothers, etc. My pagan way works best for me and is not for everyone. I am here for those who are learning and need a little encouragement now and then and I will help guide where it is needed and if I can at all. I will encourage each person to know who they are and to comprehend what it means to be a witch, what it means to be druid, shaman, seer or anything else that falls under the pagan umbrella. Many witches are clueless to what their actions and energy are capable of creating and conjuring. Just because we cannot see it doesn’t mean it is not there, so it’s imperative to always be in control of what we are doing at our altar and to be able manage anything and all that we conjure from our altar or sacred magical place. We are responsible.


I might continue more on this, but for now on this hot 5th day of July, in the year of 2016 in Southwestern Ontario, Canada… this is done as it should be.


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