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Magical Reflections – July 8, 2016


Social Networks are both a good thing and bad thing for many pagans who are unable to make physical contacts with people of the same interests.


Over the years I have met and let go of many fellow pagans of many different ways of being and seeing in this physical world through social networks.


I have met people who masquerade as something they are not, pretenders, and people who are not dedicated to their path, who are fluffy-minded and immature in their ways. I have met evil people and down-to-earth people through social media. Where there is one kind, there is another. Paradox lives in every aspect of our lives. Where there is one thing, there is another. It doesn’t mean we must always choose right or left when there is always a middle or other way. I find, in my practice which embraces the Tao as well, allows me to see and to know that there is a middle way or other way for all situations, circumstances and events. Sometimes we need to allow time to show us more and to be patient.


People new on the path must be diligent with whom they trust and not to be so attached to these people they only see on their computer or phone screens. Even if we get the chance of meeting face-to-face, we must be authentic without giving up our whole heart all at once. It can be very hard.


I have had so many experiences where interactions through social networks became ugly and painful. I have had just as many experiences where I love being connected to certain people because even through the airways of our technological era, they cultivate so much positive energy, and I have also connected with people whose energy is chaotic. Their energy is not balanced, they are all over the place in their thoughts, habits and practices. They have not yet matured spiritually, mentally or emotionally. These people for me are draining. And it is from these kinds of people that I find myself cleansing my aura and spirit most often. It is these kinds of people that attach energy draining cords to our own energy field and most often they do this unknowingly, ignorantly until they become self-aware, but that’s a whole different subject and topic.


Many people, perhaps too many are prone to commenting on everything and anything, even if they know little about what they are commenting about. I comment very little unless the subject is relevant and even then I might not. I cannot count the times I have backspaced my comments or removed them entirely through some sort of inner conflict because I knew deep down what I wanted to share was irrelevant to what was trying to draw me in. Lately I have met this challenge too many times. When this occurs, I remind myself that it is my inner person and my guide at the time encouraging me not to say anything. Learning to be silent when part of you wants to say something can be a great challenge. I often ask my inner self and guide, “Why“? Why can’t I share this or that? And the simplest answer I get is one word… irrelevant. Irrelevant to whom? And the answer I get is, “to them.” I am reminded that not everyone is as serious minded as I am or as committed to their path and they like to dabble non-committedly. In the book, Norse Magic by D.J. Conway, the author writes in chapter 10—Spellwork, “Playing at spellwork may bring you what you want a few times, but it is not reliable. Practice and dedication are necessary if you want to have a continued, consistent influence on your own life and the opportunities that come to you.” I believe this as well.


Practice and dedication is essential. It is not all about dancing with pretty, prancing unicorns. In actuality, little of magic-making is about times of frolic, but is about action and intention, and is about balance and alchemy and many other things. The times spent in frolic is in the before and after we perform our magic, our rituals, our ceremonies and during these before and after times, we are either preparing or at rest. It is important to find times to relax and to frolic and play with the fairies that are present, or with the Alfar or even with the unicorns if they are present or other beasts that come to us for amusement in our other worldly happy place. But that is not what being a witch, a shaman, a seer, a druid, or any other kind of pagan is all about.


I have seen many novice pagans wonder why so many practicing witches and other pagans are not so welcoming when it comes to making connections and to sharing. These new people of today do not understand how important it is to not share everything about their magical practice. To share any part of a spell, ritual or ceremony is to weaken the intended outcome. If we want our results to end up in a certain place, then we need to ensure the path is clear. It is hard to explain. Because we are bonded with what we have attempted to do, whoever we share it with is a distraction and weakens this bond, and prevents our energy which and our magical bond to form a direct path to our magical outcome, regardless of what it is. Instead, it becomes long and twisted and weak and sometimes becomes lost all together. Then, after a few days, weeks or longer, we may wonder what went wrong, or that spell or ritual didn’t work and not recognize that we are responsible and to think what we could have done differently and then the proverbial light bulb shines above our heads, showing us our errors so we, in future times can choose differently in every aspect of our magical practice.


We need to learn what to share, when to share and with whom we share. This makes it difficult for newly developed witches and pagans to unite with others with similar interests. Most pagan practices are done solitary. Even if our practice encourages a coven, what goes on within a coven rarely becomes complete public knowledge. Covens have oaths to pledge to and secrets to keep, just like in solitary practices. We make oaths to our practice, to our gods and to ourselves and keep certain things a secret. So it can be hard for novices of any craft to make connections. I firmly believe sharing of knowledge and wisdom promotes unity, growth and development. And I also believe that we all benefit from knowing more about each other, but that does not mean we have to all become open books and reveal all of our secrets to our practices, beliefs and ways except for those circumstances that warrant bringing another in if joined together on something that requires a deepening of openness.


I will guide anyone who they spirits cross my path with. I am qualified to teach as I have been on this magical path for most of my life, but I prefer to guide when needed. I am like the old wise woman who lives in a spider web filled cave in the deep part of the woods or forest that people come to when they require a different perspective and/ or direction. I do not really live in the woods, nor is my home cobweb filled, but 90% of the people I meet, greet or pass in any given day, would never know I am of any magical way. Even when I am wearing my ægishjálmr (the Helm of Awe) around my neck doesn’t mean they see this as me being a witch, shaman, seer or anything else. They see me just being a lady wearing an interesting necklace. Only a few would have an idea that I am more than what I seem.


Now I am reminded by the spirits that this is enough for today and the pinched nerves in my neck are telling me this as well for my hands, arm and neck are both throbbing. If there is more to be said here, then I will update at that time.


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