Responsible Reckoning

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Since we cannot really run from what is going on inside of our minds, it is best to acknowledge the internal dialogue, accept the emotions and feelings that are there, understand where they are coming from, and recognize any part that we were part of and allow ourselves to say good-bye to all the pent up feelings, emotions, and energy draining, self-sabotaging thoughts.


Sure we could try to run from our minds, which would be like trying to run from ourselves and why would we want to? We can try to ignore what is playing inside our mind but that would demand more energy from us which would make us more tired. Eventually all that bothers us will come spilling out, either through tears, bouts of screaming; perhaps binge eating, drinking or indulging in other habits that are harmful to our whole self.


We may not be able to sit ourselves down every day and reflect over the day’s events each and every day, but we can easily slot in some alone time at least once a week. An hour a week may not be much, but it gives us something to look forward to knowing that there will be great inner healing going on that will positively reflect into every level of our lives. It can be hard to discipline ourselves at first, but when we want to do something bad enough, we will always find the time and a way. When we begin to see and feel the results from the time spent healing our minds and ourselves we will want to spare more time for greater healing that benefits everything we do and the people we are in contact with.


Taking responsibility for what goes on inside our minds is big. Just because we may not say what we think doesn’t mean we are not responsible for the energy we emit just from thinking judgmentally or negatively towards something or someone or even ourselves. We are responsible for our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, our words, our intentions and of our choices. We are not responsible for how another person will react or respond, but if we are aware and conscious of what is going on in our minds, then how we precede will determine easily how another will reply.


When something is bothering us and our internal dialogue is angry, hostile and belittling of ourselves which can become destructive when in contact with others. We may say or do something we will later regret. If we are upset about something we need to pay attention to what is going inside of us. Listen to what our bodies are telling us. Our bodies sends us messages daily regarding how it is feeling about anything. It is up to us to be aware of the messages. They don’t come in a text, chat or phone message. There is no verbal dialogue, just symptoms, changes, reactions, responses, etc. The moment we understand why we are upset and why we are reacting a certain way is when we are ready to let go of those vice-grip emotions and feelings and allow ourselves to heal.


Pent up emotions can easily wreak havoc to our muscles. On a hormonal level, emotional responses can lead to a biochemical change. The more we permit our emotions and feelings to be in control of how we live and view life, the more serious work we have at healing ourselves. It is why it is imperative to cleanse ourselves as often as possible from any emotional disturbance and to let go of things, ideas and ways that are not for our highest of good. If we do not practice healing techniques regularly, negative and destructive emotions can become stored into how we approach life, we develop unhealthy habits and make bad living choices.


We don’t want to erase our feelings and emotions all together. What we need is balance. What we need to do is to accept those feelings and emotions and know they are not our true, authentic self, and they are merely a poor coping mechanism that can be changed for the better. We are not just made up of light energy, we also have dark energy and they both live inside of us. By balancing the two polarities, we come to acknowledge our imperfections and recognize that our weaknesses are our stepping stones to growth and development. Where there is ugliness there is beauty. Life gives us a paradox and it is up to us to find a better way to living and being that is amiable with ourselves and with everyone we interact with. As we release our angers, our guilts, our sadnesses and our worries, and so on, we also need to forgive ourselves at every level… when we are done, what is left is lots of room for new opportunities and directions.


Lao Tzu once said in the Hua Hu Ching, “Don’t think you can attain total awareness and whole enlightenment without proper discipline and practice. This is egomania. Appropriate rituals channel your emotions and life energy toward the light. Without the discipline to practice them, you will tumble constantly backward into darkness.” There is truth in these words. Discipline and practice promotes change. It is hard work and no one can do it for us. The ego is neither friend nor foe. It is just there. How much we feed it is up to us.



2 thoughts on “Responsible Reckoning

  1. Hi Julie, if I may offer what may help you,

    1) for pain relief you may try to sit under a pyramid and that will take the pain away, magically, really, it works. How it works is Blood flow is increased to the area and it heals faster. you are wanting a large one; if smaller, place it on the spot with pain and it’s gone in 5 mins. It must be non-metalic and golden ration 1.618 or 6.18, for best results, but any old will not do, golden proportions are needed, wood, stone etc.

    2) Although in a detached state pain is only a thought; you see… it is the interaction with it, that pain that creates the pain. it is hard to describe but something must have learned in many past lives as it comes natural. So if you just let it go and be the observer you feel nothing.

    3) Also consider trying some “Ormus” your whole body will feel good, body buzz, mind you it won’t cure you, but rather bring healing (whatever “soul healing” needed). One man simply drank gold mine well water and was cured of gout. You can pick some up here: or make your own, there is a man in Canada that makes it. Loads of vids extolling it’s benefits Ormus is basically contains some ‘white gold powder’, it’s made from sea salt or inert volcanic rock, on a microscopic view it looks like little merkaba’s they relax DNA and allow it to return to it’s natural order, Make your body more soluble and increase your mineral count across the board. It’s the philosopher stone, the cause of runners high in the air, prana-chi etc. all good stuff. Fair Warning don’t take too much as thoughts will manifest very quickly and if you can’t control every little thought you could have a problem, Found out the hard way but I was warned, the upside it has taught me stern discipline of intent and focus.

    Take what you can use or need and discard the rest and Good luck, get better and Heal.

    Blessed Be and Love Light.

    PS. Did Courtland kick you off the site? If she did she is out of control. We need you back okay you are Loved dearly. If you wish to stay here then this blog is fine post your heart.


    1. Know Courtland didn’t kick me off the site. I have been on awhile ago. My account is open and I am free to return whenever I like. I find the site to have an imbalance of energy, the energy from there is too heavy. I am sure she would be thrilled if I was to post something there, but I have no draw to. My work is within my heathen practice as a Volva/Seidr (Norse Witch and Shaman ).

      I thank you for your suggestions for healing. Thanks to my work with Eir, I have actually managed to reverse my cervical stenosis and reduce much the issues that are going on within my spine. That is the real reason why I have left such sites. I do however visit on a regular basis, Spiritual Networks. I find the energy there light, so it is easier for me to be there.
      Even though I am a heathen who practices as a Volva/Seidr I also practice the Tao with the guidance of Xi Wang Mu. I never have thoughts long of any one thing. I have learned long ago my friend, the value of letting go, even my pain. Just yesterday I meditated into the pain coming from my occiputal region and shrunk it back to a reasonable level. We all have our own ways of dealing with pain and other challenges. I welcome it and feel blessed by the experiences my pain has brought me. As I have written more than once, I am grateful for every occurrence that I have suffered from physical, mental or emotional pain. I still work in the astral realm with my eternal partner, Chris Corde. If the spirits determine it is time to return to Lightworkers, then I will. Right now my friend I am focusing on what requires my focus in the here and now.
      May the gods and goddesses of old always walk beside you, never above you. Thank you always, Julie


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