Gravestone & White Horse vision – April 2016

Gravestone & White Horse vision
Originally shared on April 19, 2016 on FB –
Monday, April 18, 2016 while on the bus I had a small vision when I closed my eyes for a moment or two. What I saw sort of disturbed me and I tried not, on purpose, not to look too long at it. What I saw was a gravestone that was old and had no carvings or none that I could see. It was free standing and green grass around the ground it sits in. I still remember the grass. It was not bright green in the way grass is after a good rain, but a light green, but not quite yellow. When I first realized it was a gravestone, I asked the Gods if it were my own or if someone who is on the bus with me was going to die. As I continue to converse with the spirits of the Universe, they are telling me this is an old Norse Grave and as I have tried to find a picture on Google that looks like the vision I get Ancient Viking and Norse gravestones from Denmark. I do not know who exactly are here, but it incredible that I saw this. I have never looked for Viking gravestones until today. I am unsure what this purpose yet is for me to see this other.
I have been working closely with the All Father Odin and Frigg and I am feeling their urgency and energy starting to take over. I feel as if they are in me and on either side of me and they are telling me these gravestones are essential to my studying of Norse people and traditions. We/they existed through humans long ago and that they will be known and will be remembered.
I feel as if I am in a partial trance from their combined energy. My awareness is opening further… I am extending my field of vision and seeing a great door that looks as if I am going through the eye of a white petaled flower where the center of the flower is the eye. I see long lashes like in an eye. It is a white horse eye. I am watching it blink and the mane on its head is blowing. There is gold or some kind of metal bridal around its head. I am seeing a coat of arms and I wish I could draw. There is red, dark red almost like blood. The coat of arms is on its side there was a bird like figure with opened wings on it and some flower etchings, perhaps roses made intricately and tastefully with neat lines. The vision has ended. I hope to learn more of what I have just seen soon and when I do I will add what I have learned. I feel a little out of sorts and tired. I feel like I traveled somewhere that is not here where I sit in this human, physical realm.

Valkyrie and horse
I have just confirmed that the hose is Valkyrie. This creature has connected with me and I just felt its breath on my arm…kind of warm and cool at the same time. I am grateful to have this experience as I am grateful for all spiritual interactions. I am opened to them always. ❤

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