My Ascension Summary… so far

My Ascension Summary… so far as of February 2016 as I have also shared on FB:
When I woke today, I thought it was one time and find out I woke an hour earlier than what I first thought. Since I am an earlier riser by nature, it makes little difference, but as my body is aging, it tells me that hour was a precious commodity that I hope to get back next weekend.
Over the years I have done a great deal of one-on-one work with many great Ascended Masters; from El Morya to Kuthumi, Metatron, Melchizedek, Quan Yin, Portia, Lady Vesta and many, many more. Earlier on, after I reached planetary ascension I worked with the Council of Nine and the Council of 12 as well as Commander Sohin of the Galactic Federation of Light. Much of my work has been in the form of channeled writing but before and after every channel I was taken on great visions.
I remember a few years ago during one of the worst solar flare activities where we (where we live) was being affected by two solar flares…it was so hot. It was during this time that I realized what was happening and the Metatron and Ishtar the Mother Goddess who I also work with was helping me reach furthering heights of ascension. At the time, during one particular vision I was taken to observe my DNA changing and I saw bridging and braiding… it was incredible. I remember the heat, the insufferable heat that made me feel every day, day or night that I was going to combust. I wanted to go to the hospital but my children encouraged me to persevere and stay home. I remember I could barely be on the computer, no more than a few minutes at a time and mostly in the early morning. It was after this experience and set of visions that I discovered the writings of David Joshua Stone and immediately zoomed in on what he wrote about in regards to Solar Ascension. As David Joshua Stone has written about here:
I was solar ascending. I actually kept a journal whenever possible. If I can find it, I will include it. Achieving Solar ascension is done when one has successfully already achieved planetary ascension and has anchored all the chakras of the 10th dimension. I had done this. I do have another one that I had shared, I just can’t find it yet.
Since then my work with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Elohim, Gods and Goddesses never ceased. The only thing that did was my work with the Galactic Beings of Light, but they were there in the background, always near if I ever needed to talk to them for anything. Over the past few months, my channeled work has diminished and only because of the multi-leveled disc degeneration that is going on with my cervical spine that is also riddled with osteoarthritis. Because of the bulging within each of my 7 discs and the pain and inflammation that is associated, I am unable to sit for long periods of time without being faced with incredible pain around my neck, head and shoulders that travels down my arms, writs, hands and fingers. My channeling work is not over, I am still bringing in material but only from great ancient beings that have come forth from my pagan background.
Just recently I have realized who the being was that kept appearing before me and beside me every evening. For the longest time I thought it was the Christian God also known as the Creator, and for a time it was, but this being’s form has changed, so has His light and it was shared with me that I have been in the company of Odin. What an honour this is.

“Odin the Wanderer” by Georg von Rosen (1886) –
For most of life up until 2010 I was always in the fourth dimension of consciousness. In 2010 I shifted and ascended into 5th dimension of consciousness. Two years later I was brought into Solar Ascension. I did not ask for this, I was taken here as I was told this was where I needed to be for what is yet to come. Since then I have anchored in over 360 chakras that brings me well into the 50th+ dimension of consciousness. One cannot ascend into higher dimensions without also activating the associating chakra. If one thinks they can, then their little self needs to shrink. I never followed some strict guideline as indicated by David Joshua Stone, but I did work with the same beings of light that he indicates to work with unknowingly they were also helping me to ascend higher levels of consciousness. I have studied some of Sai Baba’s work, as well as Krishna’s and Lao Tzu. Along with attaining higher levels of dimensional consciousness, one also accesses a higher range of Rays of Light. I have been following a different writing because I have to go with what my visions were telling me. David Joshua Stone has a different one that doesn’t correspond to my visions. Just goes to show, you can’t just accept the first thing that comes, research is needed, discerning is necessary.

Xi Wang Mu
It was in the summer of 2014 when I was about to have my hysterectomy that the Tao had the greatest effect on me after reading it and the Hua Hu Ching. I had attracted Xi Wang Mu who is known as both Goddess and Shaman of the Mountains in China, as well as Nuwa who is also a Chinese Goddess. My shamanic way and witch side of life took a whole different turn that I didn’t think possible. There is no room in my life for judgments or assumptions. I aim to bring peace into every activity, especially at my altar where it’s needed most. Even though it pains me to sit during meditation now, I am still taken on visions and I still scry and do ceremonial work, just for shorter durations; depending on my pain level. I’ve been at this writing now for a few minutes and already my neck is screaming and my fingers are cold as ice. I give thanks to Odin for being here today as well for all the other days he was here and I didn’t want to admit his presence. Now he chuckles a great big hearty laugh at my silliness. Bless you all for the support, love and kindness you’ve shown to me throughout the years.
The details of my hysterectomy ceremony is here:

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