My mid-Winter Shamanic Reflection

a little shamanic reflection ❤

Originally shared February 2016 on FB

I never heard of so many shamanic types until after my initiation and purification that began on a Samhain night a long time ago.
I performed my ritual for Samhain, completed everything as I thought I should and shared an offering as is required. I thought I had done something wrong when suddenly the floors, walls, the air moved and I became extremely ill. My cat, who was my familiar (he is dead now), never left my side, tried to protect me by letting me know he was there. When I woke the next day I had this big huge purple scar on my face, that looked like a burn. That mark, now diminished is still there. Since then I have learned it was Hecate, my patron Goddess coming through the astral veils and left her mark as she hand selected me to return to my shamanic ways. Again I did not know at the time this is what was occurring. I learned this later after I discussed what happened to a dear friend that I was connected to at the time. The morning when I discovered this purple burn-type scar I began to hemorrhage. I bled for 2 exact weeks. I had tests done, saw doctors, knowing the whole time they would be negative. The moment I surrendered and accepted what the spirits were offering with whole-hearted trust, all bleeding stopped as if it never began. It was this that I learned from the only human teacher I had, that I am a shaman. It began a great journey of self-discovery like nothing before. My world of magic, supernatural, life as I knew it changed…it was turned nearly upside down.

Tethatu shaman – one who talks with dragons
From all the journeys I have been on and all of the telepathic conversations I have had since this terrific moment, I had learned I was to be a Tethatu Shaman, or that I am one. All lessons came from Hecate or another essential God or Goddess. I passed through all bridges to achieve the Tethatu title. According so one group, one that I found helpful for me to understand all that I have experienced in my spiritual and physical life was all about reaching this pinnacle moment, was that Tethatu is a very powerful attainment of spiritual and magical practice.……
Since my acceptance I have done a lot of studying, journeying into the Astral Realm, meeting with many astral beings, taking part in even more telepathic conversations and learning more about who I am to be in this respect of magical, spiritual ways. Many of my ceremonial work and results are here in the Notes section. My journeying has slowed down due to my health, but I have been working internally, sending healing to where I need it most, slowing down the narrowing of my spine as much as I can.

Shaman Initiation
I have seen my death more than once in the past and in the future. I have survived death in this life more than once and it was all part of my shamanic calling. I am thankful that I never followed any human advise other than what my one and only human teacher instructed. I am also thankful that all that I have learned never came from a book or someone’s creative notion on what is right. I follow the guidance not only from the trees, plants and animals, but of the fairies, dragons and other-kin that are a part of my world. My own eternal partner, Chris Corde is part of this world as well even though he is far away at the moment. We are still connected in all the ways that matter most.

tree spirits
I have absolutely no expectations. I have learned the value of letting go of all emotional attachments. I have embraced the teachings of Lao Tzu, Xi Wang Mu, Nuwa, Krishna and a few others. I have channeled Alien-kin, Gods, Goddesses, Archangels, Elohim and Saints. I do not favour one religion over another. I am a witch first, as I have been since an early age, but I have also been a seer by the time I was in grade 1 or 2 (over 50 years ago). I didn’t know what chakras were when I first began my studying (around 12), but I did learn a little about energy centers/vehicles, which is the same thing and my basic chakras were fully opened before I began high school. I conducted my first magic spell when I was about 13. I am unsure of the age as it all seems to have happened around the same time. It was around grade 12 that I put aside my studying in order to gain life experiences.
Life is a bumpy road. I lived as my mom used to say, “You live life on the edge of a knife.” It is a wonder that I am even here, but as I understand it, Hecate was with me and when she wasn’t Kali was at my side and I was not meant to die. I learned this as I overcame a near-death experience in my mid-twenties. I have been to hell and back. I know my hell was not worse or better than anyone else’s. It was mine to bear and to hopefully overcome.
I am eternally grateful for all the spirits that have walked with me. I am thankful for the 26 Spiritual Beings that are like guides that are merged with my spirit body 24/7. These 26 Special Spiritual Beings consists of angels, gods, goddesses…etc. When I chose the cat we have now from our local shelter, it was because of a certain, beloved angelic father that was within her, making her blue eyes even bluer. These Special Spiritual Beings will remain until a certain time has been reached and when a certain crossing has occurred. Odin and Frigga are the ones who have been with me lately. They are strong, encouraging and helpful during this trying, challenging time.
What a wonderful, interesting journey this has been so far. I do not wonder what is to come next as that would lead to expectations. I sway under their energy and trust in their direction with my whole being, that what will be, will best for me and my children.
July 22, 2016 – There will be a new shamanic reflection soon as Freyfaxi draws near. 

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