Why doubt is important

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Why doubt is important


Our little, egoic self teaches us so many things about ourselves and it’s not all gloom and doom. There is a bright side to doubt, just like anything else… balance is key. You can’t have one without the other. To know ugly, one must know beauty in order to make a fair comparison. The same way of thinking also works with doubt. So what is the opposite of doubt? Doubt reminds us of what we are certain of and what we believe to be true and real. Certainty and belief are doubts opposites.


When we are doubtful of anything, we often find ourselves second guessing, over-thinking and we become paranoid and insecure of our own actions, thoughts and choices. Doubt can have us sabotaging how we think of ourselves and the world around us. When we put our doubt into a different perspective, discerning what it is teaching us, what we may have ignored or were unaware of, we re-focus ourselves in the here and now and begin planning and forging new directions that are positive and bright.


Every negative thought form has an opposite. Nothing is just one way only. Too often people get caught up in heavy feelings of any challenging situation. They seem to forget until reminded that they have so much to live for and to be grateful for. Doubt is one of those emotions that will bring us to the path of appreciation and gratitude, but it takes someone willing to open themselves to themselves. Sounds hard and simple at the same time because it is simple, but the hard part is letting go of doubt, so lighter ways of thinking and doing can enter. Letting go is the hard part. We must be ready, or doubt will still reign strong, continuing to show us what is needing our attention, love and compassion.


We are so busy worrying about what we see in the news feed of our social media, or what is displayed across the newspapers or news channels, that we forget we need to care for ourselves and that we need to love ourselves whole heartedly before sharing such genuineness with others. Just because we may become doubtful throughout our day doesn’t mean we must remain there. Choices greet us every day, and remaining in doubt or letting it go is a choice, either way, there is much to learn from it.


When I feel doubtful, I put it aside and go within and determine in quiet solitude what has caused me to doubt my beliefs, my choices and what I think to be true. It may take me hours or a day or two, contemplating, while practicing deep breathing and emptiness of mind, I do bring myself to letting go of the doubtful emotions as I learn what was needed to know, then take the time to heal myself from within with loving, compassionate thoughts that has me smiling automatically once completed. When this happens I know I have freed myself from doubt and I thank it for its lessons.



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