I know nothing…

Magnolia Warbler

What is it that we know? Do we know who we are? The mighty question, “Who am I?” is a question that never completely gets answered because what we knew of ourselves has changed since yesterday and what we will know tomorrow is an unknown.


People tell me I know much, perhaps I do, but in truth I know nothing. I embark each day with fresh eyes as it is a new day to try again, to learn new things, to undo old ways and to become more of my authentic self.


The universe speaks through us all the time, but we rarely listen to it’s subtle message. Even if we know our name, and know where it came from, our name does not describe who ‘we’ are, it is just what we are called. Our name may come from an ancestor we have never met, but we are not that person in reality. Their blood may flow through our veins, but still, we are our own person… a person paving a way through a world that is filled with chaos, temptations and distractions that are not for our higher good. We are not to become the ancestors that share our DNA, we are to become all that we are meant to be, regardless of name, position, creed, or any other way we are slotted into categories or given labels to fit under.


Who am I? At the end of the day I know I am a woman, a mother, a sister, a daughter; that I am magical, shamanic and a witch and from all that I have learned in a single day, I must find the courage and strength to forgive all those that may have sent me unkind thoughts, even if they unknowingly directed negative energy my way, I forgive them. In addition, I forgive myself for being dragged into situations and circumstances that were not the best for me. I forgive those from other life times, even the beings from other worlds for harm they have caused me knowingly and unknowingly. I humbly seek forgiveness to those I may have harmed, even if my harm was unknown by me and them.


Excuses are just the ego’s way to deny responsibility for ill actions, words, intentions, feelings and choices. Honesty to one’s self and to all that may be involved is what is most appreciated. We all deserve to be treated with respect and to be accepted for our imperfections that are joined with our perfections that we must learn to balance so we will be in harmony with all that is within us and external of us.


Life’s journey brings us each day to new a new paradox every time we turn our attention to any one thing. When we make a choice, we are confronted with different directions our choices will bring us to. Choices too can be seen as being paradoxal. So many lessons in each day and at the end of our day as we retire for rest, we come back to nothing. Letting go of what we cannot control to make room for what we can. I know much, for I have seen much in this world and in the Astral World, I have read, and I have observed my inner self, my outer self and other people quietly, yet I know nothing. I am open to the virtuous, natural energies of the Universal Way that I have become one with. My mind is empty and I permit the Universe to flow throughout my whole self. I inhale love, and exhale peace; I inhale peace and exhale compassion; I inhale compassion and exhale joy. Love is within me and given externally freely through my actions, words, intentions, feelings and choices.



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