A slow and steady climb

Hang En cave in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam

Hang En cave in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam [pictures like this are to be found on Pinterest 🙂 ]


Lau Tzu tells us we become better when we are tired of being sick. When we change our thoughts, we change how we think, how we feel, and how we look at our life and all life. His wisdom is always simple and always true. We do not require complex codes or guides to know what is right, we only need to listen to the subtle, virtuous energy of the Universe that flows through every cell of our self.


When we hit rock bottom, there is only one direction we can go and that is up. It does not matter if our climb is slow, what matters is that we continue to move forward, letting go of dis-ease, ill thoughts, yesterday’s pains and tumult, so we may give room for all the new that will cross our paths. We should never rush to meet a future that is not promised. Savouring each step we take and each breath we breathe allows us to see from a wider perspective. When we go at a pace we can manage, we are able to see, to taste, to touch, to hear and to smell all that is necessary for our growth and development. If we rush, we may miss vital information that will not be available exactly the same if we try to backtrack. How many times have we tried to go back to something in order to regain it’s understanding or teaching and to find it is different, not the same as when we rushed past it? I know for me, this has been more true than it has been false.


Too often we set goals that are unrealistic or they are based on someone else’s concept of what is right. Just because other people are doing or following a certain way does not mean that way is meant for me or for you. In order to set personal goals meant to better ourselves, we first must know ourselves. To know ourselves is not the pretended self we tend to put on in order to fit in to certain norms created by society. We need to look beyond the make-up, the well coiled hair, the shine and polish we apply for external acceptance. Our authentic self is bare of cosmetics. It is subtle, natural and true. And it is something many of us deny. To deny our natural authentic self is like denying the elements for life to take hold. Sounds a little drastic, maybe. If you think about it, if you take away a plant’s or an animal’s food source which is combined of earth, sun, air, and water, you rob it life. When we deny our authentic self, we rob ourselves of true life. The difference is that we will still live, but our living will be false and the more masks and covers we apply to hide our true selves, the heavier the load will be and the more drained our energy will become, giving way to extreme tiredness that opens the doors to sickness and poor health.


Sure we can become sick even if we have accepted a more authentic way of living and being, but when our minds are clear and we are open to the subtleness of the Universe and the naturalness of its never-ending energy our pain and suffering is lessened. For me this has proven true. I have a bad spine that can be so painful that it can bring me to tears. But I don’t allow myself to be engulfed by the pain. I have made friends with it as best I can. I wake each day, internally and externally grateful for what I can do and try not to complain about what I cannot. Truth be told, some days are easier than others, but on the days where I must dig deeper and re-ground myself a little more are the days I know for sure the deities I turn to for strength and inspiration are there directing me towards a way out of my suffering. I suffer the most pain when I let myself wallow in it. I have been able to shrink the stenosis that was growing with the help of others, from my never stopping attitude of trying to heal myself from within and from my trust in those deities that they are helping as much as the can from the Realm of Spirit. I take time to reflect through moments in solitude. I have learned the value of practiced breathing for peace and calm, especially when frustrated over my pain or over the many challenges I have to endure each day.


My climb back up is a slow and painful climb, but I take each breath within each day, one at a time. I am grateful for all that I feel because I know there are those out there that cannot feel pleasure or pain. Life is good. The morning sunshine is a friendly hello to a new day that is ripe with the promise of new understandings, new teachings, new everything that we get a hold of that will help further develop who we are from the inside out. Blessings to all.



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