My pagan way is a Heathen Way

stream within the woods

My pagan way is a heathen way


So many people are drawn more and more to paganism every day. What does it mean to be a pagan? To be a pagan signifies, like other spiritual traditions, a certain belief system that resonates with our total being, but also implies the whole connectedness to the Earth.


On the website:, this is what they say about what it means to be pagan: A definition of a Pagan: “A follower of a polytheistic or pantheistic nature-worshipping religion.” AND “A definition of Paganism: A polytheistic or pantheistic nature-worshipping religion.”


In addition, when someone welcomes the term pagan, they could also mean they are following one of the aspects of Druidism. A person entering paganism may also be drawn to witchcraft, but then what kind of witch would they be? There are so many variations of witchcraft that come with unique names, styles and practices. The shaman is also considered part under the pagan umbrella and to be a shaman, does a person which style is meant for them? So many questions must be answered as we enter any new direction and each question can only be answered truthfully and honestly. To lie to ourselves when entering a new direction or way of being, would only attract negative energy and dishonest actions, thinking and feelings.


When I first began my practice as witch over 30 years ago, I never called myself a pagan. I never called myself a Wicca, a dark witch, a white witch, a Celtic witch, a gray witch, a Strega witch, or any other kind of witch. I was a witch; plain and simple. I have not, nor will I ever vow myself to any creed or oath other than my own to the god or goddess I chose to follow or invoke during any specific ritual or ceremony. If my ritual is of a darker hue, so be it. Some of my spellwork is on the darker side, but I do not consider myself white, dark, black or anything else. If I had to choose a shade to describe my form of witchcraft it would have to be gray.


I am a witch. I am also a seer. I have had this gift since I was a small child. I can feel it in my bones when someone is reeking with deception. This is also a gift. I can hear, see, smell, and feel the presence of spirits that are with me. In my practice I do not kneel before any god or goddess and they never ask me to be on my knees in surrender. They are to me my family; my brothers, sisters, my friends, and my father and my mother and yet they are mainly gods and goddesses, lots of animals and other creatures.


I follow no creed, I am not Wiccan, but I am a witch. I have little use of a circle, I do not wear a hat…hats to me are silly in magic and not authentically a part of witchcraft. I am a traditional witch of the Norse, what is called Asatru. In Asatru I am a Seidr and Volva even though I have no real life clan that I am separately a part of. I practice quietly in my home, healing those I come in contact with, I wear their pain and suffering as my own.


Even though my practice is different, quite eclectic actually yet it is quite centered and balanced for what my needs are. I also practice the Tao and have quite successfully incorporated it into my witchcraft/shamanic ways. This is not an unknown way of being and living for many practitioners. The Tao offers much to learn and grow from without asking us to become anything other than better than who we were yesterday. Xi Wang Mu, the Great Mother of China is known as the shaman woman of the mountains and she has been a great influence in my Tao studies and pagan practice as witch and shaman.


I have tried for years to bring in some of the Wiccan ways of witchcraft and I found it heavy and not really me. I only did this because the majority of my friends on-line are Wiccans and that is mainly all they share is Wiccan type things. Once I gave up all Wiccan ideals, I felt free and gloriously happy. I may not be a Wiccan Witch, but I am a witch through-and-through.


Most of my knowledge comes from no human as a teacher, but by learning to follow my intuition, which is quite well-tuned and by observing nature. I follow the direction of the gods and goddesses that work with me when I go to them and seek their guidance. They do not come to me just because I think their names. This is not some kind of fluffy-minded practice. I am 100% committed to my spirituality and magical practice. Sometimes I do find bits and pieces of well written articles that tug on my heart due to the truth they come with. When I do find such informative treasures, I do share in all places I think would appreciate such information.


It is up to each of us to always seek to know more and not because of what others are doing but because of what the spirits are trying to show us, what our heart is pulling us towards. We may not know where a new direction it is leading us, but by trusting in ourselves, and in the deities we seek council from, the unknown is not frightening but is exciting. I am glad to be a traditional Norse witch even though I do not live in any Norse country even though the Vikings did come to Canada 500 years before Columbus discovered the Americas. I cannot remember the exact day, but I do remember my father playfully calling me a Heathen and I never felt insulted by it, at the time I didn’t understand the reference. Now I do. I have been told by Tailtiu that I come from a long line of Volva and it is through Freya that I am learning more about me being a Seidr. It is all natural and feels like home, but a home I have been away from for some time and have finally returned to. This is what the gods like me doing lately; reflecting, hearing and listening and allowing their energy to flow with mine in the work I do. I am thankful for them.


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