Judging Less

My morning with Sol

We need to stop and think more often regarding our habit to judge others. How would we feel if someone judged us the same way? We do not walk their shoes; we have no idea what feelings, or thoughts they may have or any challenges they might be going through; and they have no way of knowing the same in us. What is it that we are judging anyway? Are we judging how someone is dressing, or what they believe in; or are we judging their actions, choices of words or the result of their actions? Everything we judge in another person are the faults we see in ourselves but are not ready or are blind to see them.


Sometimes, unfortunately, it takes a serious event to shake us out of our judgmental ways. We see from the other side of being judged how it is and the experience humbles us with understanding. Yet it should not take a serious accident or event to make us see the wrongs of our ways towards others, and to see that those wrongs are also causing harm to our whole self. The need to judge others is a hard habit to break, but not impossible. Everything is possible when there is effort. When we judge, we are demonstrating negative energy. We think it is harmless most of the time; when over time, that negative energy feeds off of our own precious energy, draining us of vibrancy, making us ill with dis-ease.


We are responsible for the energy we emit. Just because we cannot see how our touches others does not mean it doesn’t happen. We have felt the negative energy of others before, so we should know this to be true. When a hostile person enters a room or a bus or anywhere else that has a few people, that energy is felt and not many people wish to interact with this angry person for fear of the possibility of a verbal assault or worse.


Bu taking the time to become more mindful of our own thoughts, we give ourselves the opportunity to be less judgmental and more accepting of other people’s choices and differences. By thinking how we would feel if the tables were turned is a great teaching. Another great teaching is by looking at the mirror. When we look in the mirror, we are looking beyond the make up or the nicely done hair. We are not seeing the scars or lines, not really; what we will see, if we are being truthful and honest with ourselves, is our authentic person. We rarely allow our authentic person out because we are too busy trying to be all the masks we pretend to be. Most of the time, we forget that those masks we try so hard to make reality are just the creation of our little self. The little self is our ego and our ego has us doing things that are less than good, like judging others. We are not perfect. No one human being is perfect. Even if they are rich, good looking and worldly, they are not perfect. Everyone has faults. Instead of pointing out another person’s faults maybe we should be working on our own more often.


I was shown a wonderful video today. Just a little something a thoughtful person made that is perfect for today’s musing of the heart:



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