Making choices from the heart

heart in hands

Each day we wake is new, fresh and invites us to new opportunities that will help develop us not only spiritually but within our personal lives as well – interconnecting with all that is within our own surrounding world and beyond.


As our day progresses, we are as well surrounded by choices from the very beginning our eyes open. We choose to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock or not, we choose to lay there listening to the music of nature that is waking too, we choose to what to dress, eat and so forth – choices are a daily part of our lives and we make them consciously and sub-consciously. Each choice we make are ours alone even if we are guided by a spirit guide or spirit helper, we need to remember they do not do the choosing for us for that would be too easy. We ourselves must make each decision and each decision regardless how big or small all carries responsibility, lessons and opportunity for spiritual growth, development and the raising of our own awareness and improving our inner self.


How we approach each choice, each challenge that provides us with so many necessary lessons is crucial to how quickly we manoeuvre our way out. It is normal to see some of the challenges as frightening and sometimes we may feel slightly panicked from the overwhelming emotion that many times comes when faced with new situations either good or bad. It is easier on your whole self to approach all situations holding positive thoughts, begin with a smile and remind yourself when you put your whole heart into it, anything is possible – never impossible. It is through your pure love guided effort that brings you into so much positive growth that anchors in abundance of light that is felt by your soul as well as those closest to you and this good radiant feeling is also felt throughout the universe as we are all connected – when we demonstrate the purity of our heart through our rich and beautiful  love we are increasing the light of God that is already in our heart and His light does shine a brilliant shade of white that is clearly unmistakable.


Making the conscious choice to approach each aspect of our life with love that is from our heart does require us to trust ourselves, to trust the spirits that working with us, encouraging us each step of the way through their gentle ways. Trust comes when you have accepted all that we are; accepting each negative and positive characteristic – because each part that describes the wholeness of you is your real self in perfect harmonious balance. You are not only made of light but of an equal balance of dark. Many try to see this as balancing the Yin and Yang of their inner Self, the male/female polarities, however you choose to understand still brings you to comprehending that balance is key to your self-understanding, building self-trust and through trust of your Self you have develop the realization of the importance of forgiveness. We move forward knowing the cleansing properties simple forgiveness provides and it is an action that also speaks from the love that resides within the heart.


Nightly I set out within my prayers forgiveness. I seek forgiveness for all wrongs I may have done throughout the day even if they are done unknowingly, I ask for forgiveness for any wrongs I may have done during any past lifetime, dimension or reality. In addition I give forgiveness to any one person that may have done something wrong to me throughout my day unknowingly, or from any past life, dimension or reality. Once I am done, my body sighs in profound relief of the release I just presented to Creator. I make a point to always consciously work from my heart through my day and right before I say good-night to the Universe. It is not always easy, but Life is a journey filled with so much to discover and I rejoice in all that I have met and eagerly embrace what is yet to come. As long as I know in my heart I have tried my best each time, I am filled with satisfaction and peace remains a constant part of my being.


It is through the heart where all answers are provided. We mull through our minds constantly but if we step back, and ask through our spiritual hearts, putting aside the Ego and truly listen all our answers will be there in pure honesty and truthfulness. When we take the time to ask from the heart what it is we want most, through our own unifying love our answers will not hold any Egoic reply instead the outcome will resonate not only with the heart where the answer came from, but you will feel a sigh of contentment from your soul that might even whisper…A-ha.


Our hearts have always been open. It is our minds that have had to be woken and for some reawakened. Once our minds are open to all possibilities we will discover a beautiful fire that dances brightly within our heart and within that beautiful pure fire that is all love is where you will come home to Creator – to God. And through this profound and sacred homecoming you not only realize but recognize the infinite joining of pure divine love at its finest.


It is up to us how to proceed each day. We are the owners of all our thoughts, feelings, and actions even if those actions are responded through verbal or written word; they came from us – our energy. Knowing how much we can affect each other and all things is a good encouragement to always try to step forward each day from the heart, and to listen to what the heart is asking or guiding you towards. It will never lead you astray because it leads through the pure unconditional love of our beautiful hearts that speaks softly, so it is advised to listen not just with your ears but with your whole self.


My love is your love; I share my light through the pureness of my heart to each and every dear soul that lives upon our Earthly Mother. May your days always be filled with goodness and cheer and never your heart feel the chill of discord or disharmony. We are Love; let us express that love through the very breath we take each day.


May the gods and goddesses of old always walk beside you.



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