Making space for gratitude


Rainbow over valley


Gratitude is one of the many virtues we as journeyers must reach at some point. It does not matter if we are spiritually inclined or not. When we come to the understanding of what deep gratitude is, then we can truly discover the solutions for the toxicity derived from Greed, Jealousy, Resentment and Despair. When we experience Gratitude, we do not wish for more than what we already have, and we find ourselves appreciating all that we do have instead. Being grateful does not bother or interfere with the fortune others may discover, there is no resentment or sadness when something is missed or gone. Gratitude is not just a feeling but an expression of living in the moment. Through gratitude a person learns how to be really heartfully thankful.


As we move and cross many paths, we learn mostly through experiences. Our experiences are extremely important to our development and how we perceive the world around us as either friend or foe. The knowledge we glean from texts and books are creative and clever but they do not replace our own self-knowledge when we take the time to nurture ourselves and to grow ourselves from within.


Being thankful and grateful for things we can see and touch can easily be taken for granted when we move away from what is obvious and focus what is not so obvious. We are connected to all things regardless of their size. As a result, all that we are and all that we come into contact with, the many gifts the Universe presents to us, all the trials and tribulations, all species that lives upon our earth, we are all to be grateful to. When we are eating our lunch at work, it may appear to be dull but when you greet this moment with gratitude that simple meal becomes a feast. Remember there are always people who have less than you, it may be hard to put ourselves in their shoes but we can try to emphasize through our compassion and respect.


Maybe I understand Gratitude and Thankfulness differently because the many difficult challenges that I have faced and survived. Those that know me and my story also know that I have always tried to keep enough space for hope in every situation.


When I have armloads of groceries and the street seems to be suddenly without cars, I give thanks to the Universe for making this possible so I can quickly get across the road and home sooner to my children. When someone says hello even if they are a stranger I am thankful for this interaction and reply in kind. I give gratitude and thankfulness each and every day to the spirits of the Universe that have worked so closely with me in every facet of my life. I give thanks to the Universe for always listening and being there in its incredible largeness and silent beautiful way.


Our lives are filled experiences that help create gratitude, but gratitude must be felt from the heart. Each achievement we reach within our personal lives, greet it with a smile and with thankfulness. Sometimes it may take us awhile to understand the lesson, but eventually realization does come knocking and we do let it in. Through our experiences, especially the really hard ones, we learn the value of not judging others, criticizing or passing blame. We learn we are responsible for our actions and we are grateful for the lesson they bring. For without the lessons we wouldn’t be as consciously aware of ourselves or others.


It is important to know our feelings and to express an eagerness to learn what and why they are there, what is the root for their visit and let them go. It is important to greet them, be grateful for them but not to become attached to them. The more you are grateful for the more room you have to love not only yourself but others. Making space for gratitude and practicing gratitude creates less room for the toxicity of negative thought forms to take root and more room for love and compassion.


I may add more to this teaching at a later time until then


May both the gods and goddesses of old always walk beside you.



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