2013… my introduction to being a Volva

purple explosion


Healing Ceremony of August 26, 2013


Throughout the cleansing of over 100 chakras I felt very heavy, I could barely move my head as the energy of the spirits that were with me was pretty intense. I was in a semi-trance and I am just coming out of it…slowly.


I saw many things during the cleansing of my chakras and during the healing exercise I use prior before going into the astral realm to gain deeper wisdom, healing and understanding that can be shared and used with those that need it and who are opened to the energy and words that often are expressed by a spiritual visitor.



I did see a being with the head of a goat as well as someone that looked like one of the Ancient Sages of Greece. I have learned the Goat God was Khnum and the Ancient Sage was Pittacus. I recognized Pittacus’s image because I have looked upon the seven sages before and I was given his name during this time as well, I just didn’t hear the “P”.


We do have a brief message.


“I tell you sweet child to get your pen and paper as there is much to say on this day, the last Monday of this month you call August.


You reveal to me you saw others stepping forth to speak through you including one of the Ancient Sages from the region in your world called Greece, you are correct to tell me this as there are many that wish to come through you to speak, share and offer a few words of wisdom that will help bring deeper understanding to your present day.


You tell me you saw me with the head of a Ram Sheep, this is also correct. My name is Khnum. You have seen me prior to today but didn’t know of who I was until now. It is known to many of the Spirit Realm that you come from a line of Volva and we see, I see this as a great gift for you as Volva are natural-born shamanic seers. Thank you sweet child for accepting me today.


I am aware that my presence is heavy, as I don’t come through the veils of spirit often. You will adjust sweet child and when we are done you will be gifted with healing and renewal to your spiritual energy.


During the time of my life upon your Earth, there was quarreling, disagreements and a lack of kindness that occasionally provoked many calm people into heated action. I see this scenario remains in your world. It is a sad truth that after all these years the humans of this Earth are still learning to get along.


You are far more advanced in all areas – which have caused many essential evolutionary changes to occur. And with these technical advancements you also have changed. You have become more complex and farther away from your real self.  


Even during my time when the air of peace was apparently missing, the needs of t people were simple. But with advancement in your evolution your simple needs have become complicated. You compete instead of being compassionate. There are too many being too busy trying to be like everyone else instead of being themselves. Why is this? Why are so many pushing their natural self aside just to be something or someone else? Your path is yours; their path is theirs. You cannot wear their shows even if they fit as their challenges are created uniquely for them just as yours are. Stop being like everyone else; end the dependency on others to figure out who you are and take your own life, your own journey by your own horns. Stand tall facing all your fears that will bring you to the realization you had nothing really to fear at all but your own perceived concepts that were the product of misinformation and concepts never really resonated with your soul.


Stand firm and sure-footed. Don’t lose your footing or place trying to be who or what you are not. By maintaining a false reality all you are doing is separating yourself from the real you. The real you takes courage to face because it means you must let go of your painted walls and masks, and be honest with your Self. Step forward with confidence knowing there is no one better to be than you.


I wish to be an image of strength for all that needs the occasional burst of encouragement. May my presence in your life when I’m needed, provide for you uplifting and renewed energy to carry on with full steam determination. Don’t quit on yourself. You have so much yet to succeed.


I conclude this transmission with a revelation given through this heart of this sweet child whom I loved and adored since a babe out of mother’s womb…Yes I was her father during the time on Earth where I was a mundane human male. Be the strong person you are and let love always be your guide; trust in this power and become one with it. And so it is…we are done – Khnum”


Yes Khnum is done with the message, yet I still feel his energy and presence. My fingers and hands seem like a separate part of my body as if they are not a part of me. This is not an uncommon feeling for me. But I also know his energy is backing off, as I am soon to carry on my own mundane tasks with my children and doing other things that I have been directed and guided to complete this day.


I am still overwhelmed with the knowledge of who my father truly was. I only recently found out this year who my mother was in human form, Gaelic Goddess Tailtiu and now my own father was a God in human form as well. I have sought Creator for confirmation and He has confirmed this revelation.


Because the spirit came on strong and quickly, there was no time to bring forth any additional healing or uplifting energy. I will be bringing forth to share what I sent forth last night throughout the universe for all living things regardless if they are human, animal, plant or being.


A pleasure it is to share with all of you


Blessings of Divine Light and Love




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