Overcoming our own storm cloud

rainbow after the storm

When our self-centered side washes over us, it is like a dark, storm cloud that blocks out the beautiful light that is within us from shining outward and we often become stagnant. When this dark, brooding cloud of despair hangs over us, we might find ourselves wallowing in self-pity and take on other forms of self-degradation but in ways that we appear to be strutting our most beautiful feathers like a grand peacock.


When we become overly absorbed by the ego, we display that we are self-engrossed, it is like giving ourselves a prison sentence that prevents us from moving past whatever event that brought us to such a state of mind. The more we fight with this dark, self-centered cloud that came from an overly inflated ego, the less free we are and the more this thing, this dark cloud has control over you…over us.


It is up to us, as individuals to remember that there is a voice of love that is inside of us and this voice must be heard over all the grumbling of the over-stimulated mind so we may find love, compassion and consideration for ourselves and for others regardless of their station in life.


No matter how dark the cloud is, there is always light to be found, sometimes we might have to look a little harder, make more effort to find this penetrating, guiding light. As we search for this light inside the darkness, smile and think of the benefit we will be providing others that are going through something painful and difficult when we free ourselves from our own debilitating dark moment of selfishness.


We will become stronger and more confident as we let more of the natural, virtuous light of the Universal One back in to our whole being because the suspiciousness side of our nature and whatever we were envious of or jealous over has weakened its hold on us because we have allowed it to go and we no longer hang on to our self-pity and egoic complaints. Once our arrogance fades and whatever cynicism we had towards others softens, the dark cloud dissolves and we liberate ourselves back into the realm of light and goodness and this light and goodness is a gift to us all.


When we successfully release all judgement, criticism, cynicism and discrimination towards others and any other life form, we are, at last, able to recognize the integralness of correct awareness.


Learning to discern and ignore all aspects of duality, we welcome with genuine openness to the intrinsic, fundamental Universal Way of Life.


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