What being a Volva and Seidr means to me

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I was told during a vision quest with Merlin and with Tailtiu that I came from a long line of Volva years ago.


I never quite embraced being a Volva and Seidr until the winter of 2015 when Holda came to me, not in a vision, the kind of vision where your eyes are closed; but in a vision where my eyes are wide opened. She came to me on a cold and stormy night reminding me to begin my studies of Asatru and being both a Volva and Seidr. Both that I come by naturally, but had to hone through years of trial, errors and tribulations.


I cannot describe in words of the visions I have seen with my eyes opened, and the ones with closed eyes during meditations and vision quests are out of this world and are meant to be that. They are much different than the ones I had when I embraced becoming a draconic shaman. Yes, I do talk to dragons, fairies and other other-kin. I have studied various spiritual paths, all were meant for me to learn so I could become more.


I am always talking to the gods, goddesses, and other spirits, either telepathically or out loud.


I often asked the gods and goddesses why did I have to learn about all these other deities, and all these other ways of spiritual practice when I am here now being the heathen I was always called as a child as a Volva and Seidr. I get the same answer each and every time, “Because all was necessary to help mold you into the eternal and divine being that you are and yet to be.” I consider this answer to be both an honour to be chosen to be so much and a huge responsibility. I welcome this change in my magical and spiritual ways. I am still a witch and a shaman, but my practice has changed tremendously; although my way to enter the Astral Realm has not changed.


A few weeks ago, the Norns visited me with the string that they hold in their hands. The cord they showed me was my fate and I was to accept it for the golden path that it is that was also chosen long before I came into this world. Since then, I keep receiving little messages about patience and being patient with my current situation and not to fret about a future that has not been told yet. I am also reminded to trust my fate and in the gods and goddesses that guide me when I seek clarity. The past has answers for the present that continues to unfold every moment of my day. I spend much of my time in silence; listening to the spirits that are all around me, smelling their presence, knowing their nearness. I give healing in every inhale and exhale wherever I go with peace and love in my heart, mind, body and soul. Wherever I go, I inhale peace, and exhale healing, I inhale healing and exhale love, etc. I have been known to absorb other people’s pain as my own. This is both a gift and a curse, but I would rather carry the pain, than see others suffer. They may not realize why they may begin to feel better, and that is okay. I know, with the gods and goddesses at my side, that my presence is vital to the life around me. Sometimes when I go out my front door, I swear I hear the birds say, “Mother, mother, it’s mother.” I have often called them my feathered children. The pine trees out back help to shield our path from much of the snow and winter weather as possible and I thank them by cleaning off their heavy, snow covered branches. I give the wights that live in my gardens and near my home, as often as possible little bowls of oatmeal made with milk and honey. I respect and appreciate all spirits, no matter what they are.


Being both a Volva and Seidr is a wonderful experience. I am able to apply different techniques from all that I have gathered from what I have learned from different cultures into my spiritual and daily life. I never accepted I was a heathen until recently. I didn’t just become a witch or shaman. I am a goddess chosen shaman and I have been a witch for almost my whole life. But when I accepted I am more than just a witch and shaman, I no longer felt weighed down by any certain code, or guideline… I felt free. All pain left my body and I felt more alive than I have ever for a very long time. I still have my pains, they will never go away, but I have learned ways and techniques to manage it, but that is another topic, not this one. I speak to Odin every day, and to Freya and Frigg and to Heimdallr, who often appears before me.


I hope to add more to this soon.


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