Radiating the purity of our soul



The dualistic nature that still runs rampant throughout the world is highly confrontational and unhealthy. Still, in a world as modern and advanced as it is, it still tries to mislead people purposely with distorted information and colourful distractions.


This modern era thrusts materialism cruelly repeatedly; squeezing people, making them ‘think’ they need the latest gadget in order to be happy.


Being a part of the information-age, we are often blinded by other peoples’ misrepresented concept of the perfect spiritual process. We turn away from our intuitiveness for the latest supposed guide or way.


The gurgling of a brook is as divine as chanting. Reciting prayer beads is as sacred as focused breathing. The rich, colourful robes worn by religious leaders is not more spiritual than our plainest of clothes.


In other words; if we begin relying on the superficial adornments that appear to represent spiritual life, then our path will lead us nowhere.


The best way to accomplish complete harmony of self is by embracing complete Oneness that will direct us to leading a selfless life.


Imbalance is only made by the over-development of the physical, mental, emotional aspects of our being. By selflessly serving others, especially anonymously, our lives will radiate the purity of our soul that is always aligned with the subtle virtue of the Universe.


We must learn to be at peace and harmony with our own self, just as we are. When we live our life according to our true nature, we will know pure, genuine contentment and happiness.




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