Let’s Be Real



When we allow ourselves to enter the downward spiral of low self-esteem and low self-confidence, we are permitting these negative energies to eat away at our goodness like a cancer. Feelings like guilt, fear, helplessness and any other feelings and emotions that have us sabotaging good, healing thoughts robs us from the healing balm of happiness, contentment and buoyancy.


By remaining in a low, negative state we find it difficult to recognize the voice of our inner person that is trying to direct us to our heart that will show us a path that will lead us out and away from this pit of dismay by reaching deep into ourselves for strength and perseverance. It is during such times we must accept, that yes we may not be perfect, but neither is anyone else.


We ALL make mistakes. We must allow those mistakes to open up new ways of growth and development that will touch every corner of our lives. Scorning those mistakes only adds bitterness to our energy and discourages genuine love and compassion towards ourselves and towards anyone else. Every situation has an equal amount of positive and negative to learn from. Becoming more aware of our surroundings, both from within and outside of us is detrimental to our own journey.


We need to give ourselves a break and learn to treat our whole self with gentle, loving kindness. No one can end the self-sabotaging words with think, mutter or feel towards ourselves. Only we can, by purposely putting an end to them by refusing to accept those thoughts as a description of our true self. Our feelings are not us. They do not own us. To be more of our true, authentic self, we need to admit we are not perfect and to encourage our authentic self to come forth more often by not putting on so many masks… especially those masks we wear when we are trying to fit in or for the vain way of thinking and being we may have become accustomed to. Let’s be real, all the time, regardless of the situation, event or circumstance. We do not need to impress anyone, not even ourselves, that would be our little, egoic self talking. We just need to be REAL.


Much love,

Julie ❤


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