Overcoming our tested commitment




Without practice, the road to excellence is shortened. This idea to becoming a champion, mastering a skill, perfecting a hobby, or anything else that we wish to excel at, regardless how mundane it may appear, or how grand we envision an outcome; all requires practice. Practice by itself of course is not enough. When we practice what we love doing in order to become better, we also need to develop patience, understanding of ourselves; we need to believe in what we are aiming for; be persistent, apply constant effort, and not to beat ourselves up with negative self-talk when things go awry. Sometimes, our efforts appear to be taking us nowhere or far from our envisioned outcome. Our steps are not always perfect, but they always contain something for us to positively learn from. Nothing we do is ever wasted.


When our commitment is tested by external events that cause us to second-guess our efforts and ambitions, we need to keep going and not succumb to the tempting lull our little, egoic self is trying to drag us to and that is into the realm of self-pity. Self-pity is not a place to be for any length of time. Self-pity can rob us of our self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth among other things. If we want to win, to be great at anything, to master a certain skill or area of study, we must persevere the hard stuff. We don’t do that by constructing invisible armour that will keep the outside world out. We do that by learning to let go of what is not helpful to our current path. This does not mean that we forget completely about our yesterdays, it just means we let go of what is no longer serving us for the present moment and learn from our mistakes; and those mistakes are our stepping stones to success. Even when we do succeed our goals, dreams or ambitions, it’s not a bad idea to contemplate what we could have done differently to bring in an even a greater outcome. These positive, contemplative thoughts will help us on our next adventure on our road of life that is never dull and never without an experience to learn and to grow from.


Everyday is a new day to begin anew at becoming better at something you weren’t as good at yesterday. Say NO to the nagging temptation to doubt yourself and believe in what you want to do and want to become better at. When you and your mind are working together positively, there’s nothing you cannot accomplish.


Much love,

Julie ❤


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